Will The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Season 3 Happen? Show Exec Addresses Twist Ending

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Following a stunning ending to Season 2 of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, a network executive officially commented on a potential Season 3.

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is a documentary series on Investigation Discovery (ID) and streaming on Max

With the first season covering her controversial life and early adoption, a second season, Natalia Speaks, dove into Natalia's perspective on the events.

In a wild sequence of events, Natalia forgives her previous adopted father (Michael) for wrongly accusing her of being older than she is. Then, viewers watched her being legally adopted (again) by Cynthia and Antwon Mans.

During the last two minutes of the final episode, a recent phone call by the Mans was revealed, saying that she's "tweakin'" and they're "done with her."

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Season 3 Update

Natalia Grace
Investigation Discovery

ID President Jason Sarlanis shared a Season 3 update for The Curious Case of Natalia Grace with The Hollywood Reporter.

Sarlanis explained how they continued to discover "more twists and turns" while covering the story and "were all thoroughly shocked" when the Mans called:

Natalia Speaks is one of those projects where the further we dug in, the more twists and turns we uncovered. We genuinely thought Natalia had found a happy ending with her new family, so you can imagine we were all thoroughly shocked when that call came from the Mans.”

He added that they had to "instantly mobilized with [their] producers" to make sure the twist ending was included in the Season 2 finale:

“Our series was already finished and locked, but we instantly mobilized with our producers to ensure that this shocking development was included in our finale. 

Above all else, Sarlanis stated that "nothing is ever what it seems" when it relates to Natalia's story following Season 2:

Our viewers are so invested in Natalia’s case we felt our series needed to reflect the constantly shifting truth of her situation. One thing has always proven to be true with Natalia’s story — nothing is ever what it seems.”

The final frame teased more of her story is yet to come in a potential Season 3, stating "Natalia's story will continue."

Will The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Season 3 Release?

Season 3 of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace has yet to officially be announced by ID, but the promising conclusion to the twist ending left everyone expecting more.

Considering how random the revelation was that Natalia's life at her new adopted family wasn't going well, a wave of confusion washed over audience members.

This cliffhanger indicates that Season 3 is inevitable and will likely cover her home life with the Mans family. Both sides of the story must be told as Cynthia and Antwon sounded distraught to end the finale.

It was also clear that producers of the series were holding back information to keep viewers on the hook for next season.

A particularly vague (yet incriminating) statement is when Antwon said, "She's done other things too. But this was a new low." All indications point to Season 3 covering what this "new low" is while providing details from the past several months since the Mans adopted Natalia.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace are streaming on Discovery+ and Max.

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