Disney+ Just Confirmed Thanos' Toilet Habits In the MCU (Seriously)

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Josh Brolin’s Thanos remains the biggest threat the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen. Sure, Kang the Conqueror is still queuing up to take his shot, but the Mad Titan still sits on that throne.

However, despite having died twice over, audiences still have lots of questions about the character. What was his past? When in the world did he ever interact with his brother, Eros? Is he an Eternal himself?

Sure, those are all important questions—but there’s another most probably haven’t thought of asking: does he poop? Well, thankfully, Vin Diesel's Groot is here to answer that very question.

Thanos’ Bathroom Habits Revealed

I Am Groot has released its first five shorts on Disney+, and audiences have been enjoying reconnecting with their favorite Flora Colossus. Each installment is a fun bite-sized adventure—but one in particular, as pointed out by Reddit user u/wlelbf, holds a pretty unexpected piece of information regarding Thanos’ bodily functions.

In the third episode, titled ‘Groot’s Pursuit’, the sentient tree is readying a book. But looking closely at that book, it sure seems like a direct reference to an infamous children’s book.

I Am Groot

More specifically, Taro Gomi’s 'Everyone Poops'. As one might expect, the book teaches kids that going number two is a natural thing to do.

I Am Groot
Taro Gomi

It seems like Groot is looking for that same education. But, even more important, is the person who makes it on the cover: Josh Brolin’s Thanos. So while nobody ever truly asked, now the whole world knows: the Mad Titan does, in fact, need to go number one and number two.

I Am Groot

How Does Anyone Know Thanos Poops?

The biggest question to come out of this reveal is almost certainly: how does anyone even know the bathroom habits of the Mad Titan

It’s hard to imagine such a circumstance that would allow that information to get out there—maybe someone from the Black Order gossiped too much. Then again, maybe Gamora and Nebula knew more than they wanted.

Seeing as I Am Groot has been declared to be canon to Earth-616, then that means the little twig’s new reading material is as well. Now audiences can check this off their list of hanging plot threads in the MCU.

Now viewers will have to take another look over the five shorts, which are now streaming on Disney+, to see if any more monumental reveals are hiding in the shadows.’

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