Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Throws Shade at MCU Movie Credits

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Thanos creator Jim Starlin called out how the MCU puts together its movie credits. 

Over the past few years, Marvel has had a bit of a spotty track record when it comes to giving comic creators their due in the brand's big-screen ventures

Whether it was not including names in credit sequences or offering sufficient enough pay for these stalwarts of the comic industry when their characters end up gracing the screen, the relationship between comic book movie studios and the authors of said comic books has been rocky. 

Thanos Creator Throws Shade at MCU

Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin

Posting on his personal Instagram, Thanos creator Jim Starlin threw shade at the MCU for its treatment of comic creators in movie credits. 

Starlin posted complementing DC's The Flash, pointing out that he was "pleased to see the creators of the Flash acknowledged early in the end credits" of the film. 

The famed comic creator then opined that he "wish[es] the Marvel movies would do the same:"

"Was really surprised by how much I liked the new Flash movie! One terrific flick. I was especially pleased to see the creators of the Flash acknowledged early in the end credits instead of way after the caterers and so many others. Wish the Marvel movies would do the same."

As an example of Starlin's point, here is where the Thanos creator was found in the Avengers: Endgame credits. 

Starlin Avengers
Marvel Studios

How to Better Treat Comic Creators?

For a long time, the people that created the comic characters that have dominated movie screens for decades have gotten the short end of the stick. 

That has not been something exclusive to comic book movies though.

Comic book creators in general have notoriously been hidden away from the public eye, with only a select few (i.e. the late Stan Lee) becoming known quantities amongst the general masses. 

But changes can be made. Films like The Flash or the Spider-Verse movies do their part to highlight these comic creators as best they can, putting emphasis on the people who originally brought these characters to life in the first place. 

In the same way that authors of popular books get prominently featured when their work is turned into a feature film, comic book writers and artists should be getting the same sort of treatment. 

Because without those brilliant minds to have created the characters in the first place, the studios would not have these super-powered universes that make them millions every year. 

Marvel Studios' next movie, The Marvels, races into theaters on November 10. 

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