First Look at Suki In Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender (Photos)

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Avatar Suki

Fans got a first look at Avatar: The Last Airbender's live-action Suki in the first trailer for the highly-anticipated series. 

Coming to Netflix in February, the live-action Avatar series marks a retelling of the beloved story from Nickelodeon's fan-favorite animated series. 

Following a once-in-a-generation element-wielding warrior known as the Avatar, The Last Airbender sees a young boy named Aang thawed from an icy prison to hopefully bring peace to the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire nations. 

While the show has been in development for several years, fans have not gotten a good look at the show until now, with Netflix Geeked Week giving audiences the first glimpse at the live-action versions of beloved characters from the cartoon.

A First Look at Avatar's Suki

Suki live-action Avatar

The first trailer for Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender series is here, and with it came a first look at some beloved characters from the animated series, including Suki. 

Played by Maria Zhang, Suki (and her fellow Earth Kingdom fighting force, the Kyoshi Warriors) can be glimpsed briefly in the trailer sporting her signature red and white makeup. 

Suki Avatar Netflix Earth Nation

While this brief glimpse does not offer much in terms of information, the sequences featuring the beloved hero seem to be taking place on Kyoshi Island, where the series' main characters first meet her in the animated original. 

One other shot of Suki can be seen with the character standing alongside Ian Ousley's Sokka, whom she eventually becomes romantically involved with. 

Suki Netflix Avatar Sokka

To compare Suki's animated and live-action looks, see below:

Suki Netflix Avatar Comparison

What To Expect From Netflix's Avatar Series

Despite Avatar: The Last Airbender being based on a highly successful animated series, fans are still sort of in the dark when it comes to what to expect in Netflix's live-action adaptation. 

From the looks of the trailer, it seems that the live-action series' creators are keeping things pretty in line with the Nickelodeon original, and remaining quite faithful to the source material.

This first batch of episodes will likely cover the events of Book One: Water (Season 1) from the animated show. 

This runs from the discovery of Aang (aka the Avatar) in the ice by Sokka and Katara to the siege of the North Pole and the quest to find a Waterbending master. With Amber Midthunder confirmed to be playing Princess Yue in the live-action adaptation, it seems as though the first season will indeed cover the full events of Book One's arc.

Of course, this also includes the introduction of Suki, several face-offs with the villainous Fire Nation, and the epic events that transpire within the Temple of the Fire Sages.

Thankfully, the story of Avatar has already been divided into three seasons (or Books), so if a Season 2 of the Netflix series does happen, there will be a natural progression of where to go next in the story.

Following a rough release window of early next year, Avatar: The Last Airbender is now confirmed to debut on Netflix on February 22. 

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