Star Wars: Emotional Finale Teased For The Bad Batch

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Omega, Hunter and Crosshair from Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch is on a roll. Having just premiered on May 4, 2021, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars sequel series focuses on the exploits of the unique and highly specialized Clone Force 99 as they adjust to a changing galaxy after the rise of the Empire.

Clone troopers, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo and their young tagalong, Omega must navigate an environment that no longer has any use for them. And their adventures are set to a rousing score by Star Wars composer extraordinaire, Kevin Kiner. Kiner, along with his two sons Sean and Dean, have worked on the music for Star Wars Rebels as well as The Clone Wars, so they've certainly made their mark on the franchise.

As the series continues on, the Kiners already have their sights set on the season finale...


Star Wars The Bad Batch
Star Wars

The official Twitter account for Kiner Brothers Music has tweeted the following, teasing work on the show's finale episode: 

"Been working on the finale of The Bad Batch," says the Tweet. "Quick question, is it normal to be working on a cue so hard you start crying?"

The account also responded to a fan on Twitter who remarked that the composers will likely create music that will rival the piece at the very end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, entitled "Burying the Dead."



Kevin Kiner certainly has quite the Star Wars resume, with quite a few standout tracks, such as the aforementioned "Burying the Dead" which played over the final scene of the series finale for The Clone Wars, "Victory and Death" in which Darth Vader finds Ahsoka's abandoned lightsabers in the snow covered wasteland of a frozen moon.

Kiner is also very much a fan of incorporating cues originally composed by the legendary John Williams for the Star Wars feature films. Perhaps this cue that the Kiners are working on for The Bad Batch utilizes a well-known and emotional lietmotif from the films? Or maybe it's more likely that they'll create an all new piece.

There has been much speculation that The Bad Batch won't end happily, and the Kiners' tweets are playing right into fans' anxiety.

The next episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will drop on May 21, 201 only on Disney+.

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