Star Wars: Andor Disney+ Series Nabs Emmy-Winning Composer

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Cassian Andor, Disney+

New remains light on the quiet Star Wars: Andor front. The series is scheduled to debut in Q4 2022, putting it somewhere in the Summer timeframe - though no specific month has been shared. After several setbacks and delays, Andor is finally in the midst of post-production and should ramp up marketing at Star Wars Celebration and following the conclusion of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

As the visual effects team works hard to bring amazing concepts to life, pre-production has already begun for the next chapter in the Diego Luna-led series. In a recent interview, actor Stellan Skarsgard revealed that Andor Season 2 has been green-lit and will begin filming in the Fall. Without any details regarding the story of the first season, it's impossible to speculate on what will come next - but it appears showrunner Tony Gilroy has a plan.

The series boasts an exceptional cast that will bring back familiar faces, both good and evil. While Luna's Cassian Andor will have familiar Rebel leaders at his side in Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, rumors suggest that Ben Mendelsohn will be returning to play Director Krennic, and there have been murmurings of a return for Grand Moff Tarkin as well.

The Rogue One prequel will presumably lead directly up to the first Star Wars spin-off film, which is frequently regarded as the best under Disney's umbrella. But there's one more mystery that's gone unsolved - until now. The composer for the series will be a newcomer to the franchise, and an award-winner as well.

Nicholas Britell to Score Star Wars: Andor

Star Wars Andor
Star Wars

Film Music Reporter revealed that Nicholas Britell will be composing the score for Star Wars: Andor. Britell, known for his film work on Moonlight and Vice, made his first entire into television with Succession - which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award.

A Fine Addition to Lucasfilm's Collection

Nicholas Britell has been nominated for several awards in recent years, and his body of work speaks for itself.

Star Wars has been defined by its music for 45 years, beginning with the masterpieces crafted by the legendary John Williams. With an onslaught of new projects, there are many opportunities for younger composers to try their hand at adding to Williams' glossary of themes, and Britell is an exceptional choice.

Rogue One was the first live-action project to be composed by someone other than Williams; that task was ultimately given to Michael Giacchino. With just four and a half weeks to produce something, Giacchino crafted a beautiful score that paid tribute to the iconic themes of past films while defining the gritty nature of the Death Star heist spin-off. While it comes as a surprise that he wasn't selected to continue that work for Andor, Britell serves as a great addition to the team in his own right.

One would hope that Britell expands on many of themes written by Giacchino. There's an opportunity to tie together Rogue One and Andor musically in ways that could make the projects feel like an interconnected story, despite Jyn Erso being absent from the series. The "Hope" suite in particular would be a great piece to make use of, while taking the time to introduce new themes for the series that will allow it to stand out.

Star Wars: Andor debuts on Disney+ in Summer 2022.

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