Spider-Man Producer Confirms Spider-Verse Easter Egg In Disney+’s Chip ‘n Dale (Photos)

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When it comes to animation, there’s one film which has risen as the frontrunner within the last decade: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The project is consistently touted as many fans’ favorite movies centered on the iconic webhead. So, it’s only fair that when an animation-hybrid project like Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is released, Miles Morales’ story gets a shoutout.

For those who don’t know, Disney+ just released a brand new tale featuring the classic character. Both John Mulaney and Andy Samberg headline the film as the titular Chip and Dale in a new mix of animation and live-action in the streaming sphere.

Big-time actors Seth Rogen, J.K. Simmons, Will Arnett, and more were able to join in on the fun as well. Along with these big-name stars came nods to numerous other franchises, even bringing in Paul Rudd for a nod to the Ant-Man movies.

Within the project’s runtime, not only did Into the Spider-Verse get a subtle shoutout, but now the original film’s producer has confirmed its presence, tucked away across the street.

Spider-Verse Easter Egg Confirmed

With the release of the new Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie, the internet has been aflutter with all the various cameos which appeared in the movie. Well, now, it seems that there’s another to add to the collection.

At the 0:26:40 mark, the titular characters can be seen walking down the street. However, it’s what is behind them that draws the eyes.

Chip ‘n Dale, Spider-Verse

The graffiti on the wall looks an awful lot like what Miles Morales draws in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The Easter Egg was originally pointed out by the film’s associate editor, who exclaimed: “Wait, is that what I think it is???”

Chip ‘n Dale, Spider-Verse

In response, the film’s producer, Phil Lord, acknowledged the nod, joking that, “Chip and Dale are canon.”

Chip n’ Dale Expands the Spider-Verse 

Chip ‘n Dale, Spider-Verse

With how fantastic the Spider-Verse movie is, it’s honestly surprising how the movie only had the one shoutout crammed in the background of the shot. Though, that most likely has to do with the IP rights being firmly under Sony’s control. Maybe it's a miracle that Chip ‘n Dale was able to even achieve that.

One of the cameos which has gotten the most attention is the hilarious inclusion of Ugly Sonic—the worldwide rejected design for the recent successful Sonic movies. While that version of the blue speedster never made it into his former franchise, at least he got his time to shine here.

As for what other cameos are in the film, well, maybe its best to wait and save those discoveries for a relaxing movie night. Given the positive reception the movie has been getting, it doesn’t seem like a disappointment will be waiting.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is now streaming on Disney+.

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