Will Spider-Man Appear In Hawkeye's Finale? Hailee Steinfeld Addressed the Possibility

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Marvel fans are currently enjoying an excellent finish to the year. Spider-Man: No Way Home just became one of the biggest films ever, and Hawkeye has aired five well-received installments—which also happened to reintroduce Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin to the MCU. How could it possibly get better? Well, what if those two stories ended up colliding?

With Hawkeye airing around the same time as the next Spider-Man film, fans have noticed that the two potentially happen around the same time and in the same city. In fact, the film's opening features a fun nod to the show's first episode.

Recently, Sony released a promotional spot for No Way Home that showed off the film's last shot, which happened to also tease a connection to the ongoing Hawkeye series. So could the webhead show up?

Will Spider-Man Appear In Hawkeye?

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During a November 23rd interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Hawkeye star Hailee Steinfeld was asked about the possibility of someone such as Spider-Man showing up in the series.

Steinfeld admits that "[she] would absolutely freak out:"

"It would be very cool. It would be so cool... I would absolutely freak out."

The actor also noted that her character, Kate Bishop, would "more than likely" freak out, as such an enthused reaction "seems accurate for [Kate]."

The full exchange from late November can be seen below:


Will Hawkeye's Finale Contain a Webhead?

Steinfeld's answer during the interview is not much of an answer. But, the way the actor is teasing, it certainly seems like there's at least the slightest chance that Spider-Man will appear in Hawkeye, and, with one episode left, the finale is the last chance.

Could it possibly be a coincidence that Spidey's last shot in Spider-Man: No Way Home was at Christmas time, in NYC, by the Rockefeller Christmas tree? The very same place and time featured in Hawkeye's finale just happens to appear in a film that aired less than a week prior? Everything seems lined up suspiciously well.

It would be quite the fan moment if the web-slinger does show up. On the one hand, he could lend a hand to Clint and Kate on the icerink; but that doesn't seem very likely. On the other hand, if he does show his face (mask), it's more than likely for some small and fun moment—probably after the bad guys are handled.

If Marvel Studios were really feeling frisky, they'd use this synergy of theirs to introduce Tom Holland's Spider-Man to Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin. Now that would set the internet ablaze.

Hawkeye's finale airs exclusively on Disney+ this Wednesday.

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