Spider-Man’s Kraven Spin-off Movie Casts Levi Miller

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Spider-Man Kraven Spin-off Movie Cast Levi Miller

Sony's Marvel Universe is currently in the age of expansion as it is set to introduce more characters tied to Spider-Man set in a different universe. After two Venom movies and the recently-released Morbius, one of the next projects will be Kraven the Hunter, a film that will be spearheaded by one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies (again). 

The upcoming movie will feature Aaron Taylor-Johnson portraying the lead villain, and it is directed by J.C. Chandor. The exact plot details of Kraven the Hunter are still being kept under wraps, leading many to speculate if Spider-Man will appear in the movie. While fans wait for more concrete details, filming has been underway in London

Now, a new cast member has been reported to have joined the Spider-Man spinoff film's stellar ensemble. 

Levi Miller Joins Spider-Man Spinoff Film

Aaron Taylor Johnson, Kraven, Spider-Man

Deadline shared that Levi Miller has joined the cast of Sony Pictures' Kraven the Hunter in an unknown role. Miller is best known for his roles in A Wrinkle In Time, Pan, and most recently, Streamline.

Miller joins a stacked cast led by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott, Russell Crowe, and Ariana DeBose. 

Is Levi Miller Playing a Younger Kraven?

Levi Miller's resemblance to Aaron-Taylor Johnson could serve as a hint that the actor could be portraying the younger version of Kraven in the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff. If this is the case, then it's possible that the movie will potentially include flashbacks of Sergei Kravinoff's childhood, thus giving fans an opportunity to learn the backstory of the future villain. 

This presents the opportunity for the film to uncover how Sergei became fascinated with hunting while also showing his sense of morality during his young age. 

Given that the film has also reportedly included Fred Hechinger to portray Kraven's brother Chameleon, it's also likely that flashbacks focusing on the siblings' relationship could be explored. 

Including these scenes could establish the idea that Kraven the Hunter is the villain's origin story, similar to what Venom and Morbius did to their respective lead characters. It also offers a hint that the movie will portray Kraven as a hero at first, following the same formula from the previous Spider-Man spinoffs. 

Kraven the Hunter is set to premiere in theaters on January 13, 2023. 

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