Spider-Man 3 Actress Paula Newsome Teases MCU Role In No Way Home

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If someone hasn't heard about Spider-Man: No Way Home, they may as well have been living under a rock. It's all most people on social media have been able to talk about over the past few months. The trailer fever is at an all-time high, so much so that even Brooklyn Nine-Nine poked fun

Fans have been expecting it for a while, but have come up empty-handed. All the talk about potential Multiversal villains, or returning Spider-Men, has truly stirred the fandom pot. Loki's recent finale certainly didn't help calm things.

In fact, there really hasn't been much news regarding the film at all. Marvel has been so tight-lipped about everything, that the only recent headline came from Kevin Feige making a joke at Alfred Molina's expense

While it's not much, there has been a bit of additional casting news that might interest fans. 


Spider-Man No Way Home Cast Characters

Twitter user @spidermanworrld has mentioned how much they thought it would be awesome if actress Paula Newsom were to play Miles Morales' mother in the film. 

They went on to theorize that it was a possibility that Peter was going to be meeting MJ's parents finally. 

Newsome responded to the tweets with a simple winking emoji, clearly alluding to the possibility that @spidermanworrld's theory was correct.

Paula Newsome Tweet

Previously, The Ronin reported that Paula Newsom, who plays Detective Janice Moss on Showtime's hit comedy Barry, had officially joined the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

At the time, they weren't able to confirm who she would be portraying, or the size of her role in the project.


It's interesting to realize that viewers haven't yet seen either of MJ's parental figures, so the theory of Newsome playing her mother makes a lot of sense. Especially since Peter and MJ are officially dating these days. Though, his current situation may make things a little awkward.

Hopefully, that trailer that everyone is dying for is just around the corner. It's probably safe to expect it before Shang-Chi at the latest. While fans are waiting for said trailer, they can rest assured that What If..? is just around the corner, which includes at least one alternate tale involving everyone's favorite Peter Parker.

Hopefully, the character's appearance there can keep fans satiated in the few months before Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters. Fingers crossed the film doesn't get hit by any last-minute delays.

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