Sketch Streamer OF Allegations & Purported Leaks Get Major Reactions from Top Influencers

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Sketch OF Allegations

Allegations of potentially once being an OnlyFans (OF) model before his fame are being levied at Twitch streamer Sketch, causing reactions from some of the biggest influencers in the industry.

Known by his online handle TheSketchReal, Kylie Cox rose to prominence earlier this year, going viral for his hilarious online persona, zany gaming streams, and easily recognizable catchphrases (ex. "What's up, brother?"). 

Because of this, he went from small-time Madden streamer to one of the fastest-rising stars in the space, earning big-name collaborations with brands like the NFL and Fortnite

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Sketch's OF Allegations Turn Heads

TheSketchReal wearing blue headphones staring at the camera on his Twitch stream

Twitch streamer TheSketchReal has been accused of being gay as well as having once been an OF model online. 

The prominent Twitch streamer and YouTube star finds himself at the center of these allegations, as images of him on the adult content-sharing site have seemingly sprung up online. 

The account in question looks to have been active before the streamer rose to prominence earlier this year and featured content soliciting gay men. 

These 'leaks' potentially outed the online content creator as queer have been proven to be true. 

The allegations surrounding Sketch have caught the eye of several big-name content creators in the gaming space, with many showing their support for the rising star. 

Influencers who have associated themselves with Sketch in the last few months (like YouTuber TFue) have come out in drove saying things like, "Gay or not he’s still my dawg."

That seems to be the common sentiment amongst these online creators. 

Most of those who have spoken on the subject look to be in fervent support of Sketch and his online pursuits whether he is gay or not or once solicited patronage on a site like Onlyfans. 

Popular streamers Plaqueboymax and FaZe Lacy spoke on the subject live on their stream, saying, "At the end of the day people are who they are," and that will not stop them from backing Sketch and his ever-growing following, via DramAlert on X(formerly Twitter):

"They saying your man is [gay]. Okay, so if he is [gay], he is [gay]. Bro, at the end of the day, people are who they are."

Other major players in the space like SteveWillDoIt and IAmWildCat were just as supportive in their response to the potential leaks, sharing in their own separate social posts that it was "crazy" for people to be so upset over Sketch's alleged "side hustle:"

"Man people hating on Sketch bc he had a side hustle. Crazy."

And that they will "love him 2 death forever and always:"

"Fuck anyone hating on sketch. I love him 2 death forever and always."

It does also have to be made clear that the authenticity of any potential 'leaked' images has yet to be proven. 

Several people are saying the alleged pictures being circulated online are, in fact, fake and could originate from some bad actor using a generative A.I. model to create them (via Will Compton):

"The boys at the shop are telling me this an inside job by the haters of 
TheSketchReal using A.I."

As of writing, Sketch himself has also not commented on the accusations, but given the response to the supposed leaks so far, it seems he has some heavyweights in his corner whether they are real or not. 

Sketch's streams can be found on YouTube and Twitch.

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