Shogun: Did Mariko Sleep With Anjin?

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Shogun Mariko Anjin

Following the steamy events of Shogun Episode 4, audiences wonder if Mariko and the Anjin (John Blackthorne) sleep together.

The hit FX miniseries has transported audiences back to 16th-century Japan. It mostly centers on an English man named John Blackthorne (played by Cosmo Jarvis) as he is brought into Japanese high society as an asset for a lord looking to perhaps gain more power. 

As part of his service to Lord Yoshii Toranaga, Blackthorne—known to the Japanese as the Anjin (aka pilot of ships)—has become close to Anna Sawai's Lady Mariko, a Japanese interpreter who converted to Catholicism thanks to the arrival of Spanish missionaries in her home country. 

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Mariko's & the Anjin's Sexy Shogun Secret

Shogun Mariko John Romance

The ending of Shogun Episode 4 showed John Blackthorne (the Anjin) sleeping with someone in his new home of Aijiro, but who it was remains unclear. 

It is widely assumed that Blackthrone shared his steamy night with Mariko, the interpreter helping him across Japan, but the series does a good job of denying that. 

Aside from Episode 4's shocking declaration of war to end this chapter of the Shogun story, much of this episode was devoted to growing the relationship between the Anjin and Mariko.

This included the Englishman further learning Japanese customs at the hand of Mariko and embracing his new home. 

Going from learning more of the language with Mariko to eating traditional Japanese food (like the sticky Natto) to sharing an emotional moment alongside a local onsen hot spring, the creative team of the hit FX (and Hulu) drama seems to be pushing the audience toward the idea of a romantic spark between Cosmo Jarvis and Anna Sawai's characters. 

That is why it was assumed that when John Blackthorne was visited by a shadowy figure for some X-rated fun, Lady Mariko was the one to stop by the foreigner's room. 

However, the next morning, both parties seemingly refused to acknowledge what happened. 

While sipping a cup of tea and looking out on the rain with Lady Mariko and his consort Usami Fuji (played by Moeka Hoshi), Blackthorne says he is "in good spirits" because of the "good company" he had the night before. 

But this gets no rise out of Mariko as she replies, "The courtesan was acceptable then," adding that she and Fuji-sama had thought it would be a good idea to send a companion to the Anjin to blow off some steam. 

Blackthorne and Mariko share a couple of knowing glances during the moment. Nothing more is said, but Mariko and the English ship pilot look particularly smitten as the camera cuts away. 

Did Mariko Sleep With John Blackthorne?

John Blackthorne Shogun Mariko Onsen

Though audiences may be left to speculate about the carnal activities of the Anjin as seen in Episode 4, it can assumed that, yes, Mariko did sleep with him. 

There is just too much evidence against Lady Mariko for it not to be here. 

Even in that final conversation, John Blackthorne and his Japanese interpreter look smugly at each other, seemingly insinuating that she was the woman she had 'sent' for. 

While Blackthorne questions her methods for a second, he reads between the lines of what Mariko is saying and, knowing what had happened, accepts it as their little secret. 

Fans of James Clavell's Shogun book (on which the TV series is based) know this is only the beginning for Blackthorne and Mariko. The Anjin and his Japanese companion share a long-running romantic relationship throughout the book. 

This secret romance between the two becomes a prominent narrative thread that is tugged upon right up until the end of the story, with some of the biggest story beats going forward connecting in some way to the bond between the two.

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Shogun is streaming now on Hulu, with new episodes being released every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on FX. 

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