Sam Witwer Teases More Epic Maul In The Clone Wars Series Finale

By Andrew Gilman Updated:
Maul Bridge

Spoiler Warning: This article contains plots details about Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Anyone who's seen the latest episode of The Clone Wars , Shattered , is no doubt blown away by Darth Maul's hallway rampage aboard the Venator -class Star Destroyer. Following the unwitting betrayal by Commander Rex and the 332nd clone troopers due to Order 66, Ahsoka rescued Maul from execution to secure his services as a distraction. Maul asked for a lightsaber to have a fighting chance, but Tano refused, and the former Sith Lord mowed down clones with ease anyway. This was perhaps the most violent sequence in Star Wars to date, as Maul casually dismembered clones with wall panels and doors, giving a nice nod to Vader's hallway scene in Rogue One and arguably topping it.

Maul wasn't heavily featured in Shattered but his rampage spoke loudly enough, and it sounds like there's more where that came from in the series finale, Victory and Death ...


A Reddit post by user Knurr shares a short video clip of Sam Witwer's latest video game stream, in which the voice actor hints that Maul's hallway of terror sequence is far from over.


There's no way that Maul was going to be done taking down clones in epic fashion before the series finale. Shattered left us on a bit of a cliffhanger when Ahsoka and now inhibitor-chipless Rex were left trapped in the med bay while clones began cutting through the door, hellbent on eliminating their Jedi (or, in Ahsoka's case, basically a Jedi) leader.

Maybe Maul will rescue our heroes from their demise? He secures a comlink thanks to the lost arm of one of his clone attackers, and the calculated nature of Maul surely means he'll use it to his advantage to escape the ship. We know that Maul, Ahsoka, and Rex all survive Order 66 as they're seen in Rebels , but the tension is still at an all-time high and the once forgotten Sith Lord will have his time to shine with ample wall panels at his disposal.

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