Rejected Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art Reveals Scavenger Creature

By Jennifer McDonough Updated:
A rejected piece of concept art from Guardians of the Galaxy of a red alien, Benicio del Toro

Both of the Guardians of the Galaxy films from filmmaker James Gunn are known for their colorful, eye-popping visuals and wide variety of alien creatures and beasts. Indeed, the more cosmic MCU is in stark contrast from the more grounded, Earth-based films.

But for every Sovereign ship or Sakaarian arena denizen that makes it into the finished cut of a film, there are scores of unused and rejected concepts. Sometimes, this art is reworked into something more recognizable, but other times it's left on the drawing room floor.


Concept artist Jerard Merantz, who has worked on several of Marvel Studios' films, has shared an unused piece for what seems to be the original Guardians of the Galaxy film from 2014. Have a look below:

A fascinating looking creature, to be sure. As Merantz puts it, this guy was intended as a background character. He also imagines him to be "a bit of a scavenger". Merantz laments that since the production team couldn't find a good place from him in Guardians' story, we didn't get to see him in the finished film.

With two sets of arms (one short and one very long) and a slightly feline-looking face, it would have been neat to see whatever this thing is fully realized by CGI or even practical effects, but it was evidently just not to be.

That being said, this alien would have made a fine inclusion to the Collector's museum or perhaps in lockup at the Kyln.

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