Captain America Film Involving the Infinity Stones Envisioned by Red Skull Actor

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Red Skull Actor Envisions a Film With Captain America Returning the Infinity Stones

"You could have the power of the gods...I have seen the future Captain! There are no flags!" The words were spoken by the Red Skull in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger but they came to fruition in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame . Fans knew destruction would arrive in the form of Thanos, but they likely didn't expect the Red Skull himself to be there as a witness. The iconic Captain America villain appeared in Infinity War and Endgame, portrayed by actor Ross Marquand, leading both Thanos and the Avengers to the treasure he could never possess: the Soul Stone.

In the aftermath of Endgame , the Red Skull, in one alternate reality, is essentially freed of his bond to the stone after Steve Rogers successfully returned them back to their proper place in time. So if the two foes met again during the process , could we see that play out on film? If so, the actor himself has an idea.


During a virtual appearance at Awesome-Con Online 2020 , Red Skull actor Ross Marquand shared his thoughts on the character's future. His comments were shared via Comicbook . com , in which he envisions a future film alongside Captain America.

On the specifics of Red Skull making his return, and his motives for traveling throughout the universe:

Oh, I have no idea. I really can't speak to that, because I don't know. I hope he comes back...He could probably get back to Earth if he had a vendetta still, a bone to pick with Captain America. Or he could want to do something else entirely...He might just want to venture around the cosmos. But there is a version of him that is flying around, he's totally free of the Soul Stone. So I mean, there's all these different multiverses that exist now, right? I think it would be really fascinating to explore what's happening with all these different characters now that the stones have been returned.

Focusing specifically on another potential Captain America film, Marquand pitched his own idea:

I also thought it would be really interesting to make a standalone movie with Cap returning all the stones. Because when he jumps into the time machine at the end of Endgame , he's gone for a second and then comes back as an old man, But I think it would be really interesting to see what happens each time he returns those stones. And that would be a fascinating movie in and of itself, I think. I hope [Red Skull] does [return]. I don't know if they have any bad blood anymore, Cap probably does, but I think Red Skull is cursed with infinite knowledge, so he might not care about revenge at all. I hope he comes back, we'll see. Fingers crossed.

Lastly, Maquand was asked if an appearance of his MCU character in 2022's Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness was in the works:

"Oh, I have no idea. I really can't speak to that, because I don't know. I hope he comes back."


Marvel Studios truly opened Pandora's box in aftermath of Endgame , and it comes in the form of the "multiverse" as Marquand mentioned. Even after Captain America successfully returned the Infinity Stones, there are now multiple realities in which characters can interact in different ways than before. To return the Soul Stone to its place surely means that Captain America meets the Red Skull once again, and there have to be repercussions in that meeting. Now cursed with infinite knowledge, could the Red Skull believe he has the mastery , along with the strength, to defeat the greatest soldier in history? This would mean convincing Chris Evans to don the shield once more , but never say never. So long as the Red Skull is alive, you can best believe he will traverse the cosmos to find his greatest foe.

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