Rap Shit Season 3 Gets Promising Update from Producer

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Rap Shit

Issa Rae’s Rap Shit just got a hopeful update when it comes to the show getting a Season 3.

The series follows an all-female rap group as they navigate the music industry in Miami and work their way to the top.

Season 2 started airing new episodes in early November, with its finale dropping on December 21, 2023. Sadly, as of writing, the Max series has not yet been renewed for more episodes.

Will Rap Shit Season 3 Happen?

Rap Shit

While speaking with The Wrap, showrunner Syreeta Singleton offered up a hopeful update on a hypothetical Season 3 for Rap Shit.

She confirmed "all of the stuff that [they've] talked about is in very early stages," but they "definitely want to continue:"

"All of the stuff that we’ve talked about is in very early stages. We definitely want to continue to pick up on Shawna, Mia and Chastity and continue with all the characters that we kind of set up here in Season 2 and see what that next level is for Shawna and Mia."

The showrunner went on to tease what the meeting between Chastity and Gat was about, noting the two "now have a common enemy:"

"They now have a common enemy. Gat and Shawna have kind of gone back-and-forth online and Shawna has promised to expose what she knows and what she’s seen behind-the-scenes and now Chastity feels like she’s been like taken for granted and looked over."

She continued, claiming, "Shawna and Chastity have always had a rough relationship:"

”Shawna and Chastity have always had a rough relationship — Shawna has never really shown her much respect. Chastity has taken a page out of Shawna and Mia’s books where [she’s thinking] ‘you guys are gonna go with who you feel is gonna get you on the fastest, alright, let me make my own alliances.’”

When Could Rap Shit Season 3 Arrive?

So when exactly will fans get to see Rap Shit Season 3?

Season 2 was first renewed in September 2022 and went on to premiere in November 2023 (two months later than intended due to the recent strikes). If Season 3 were green-lit before the year is out, fans would be looking at an early 2025 release.

When Season 3 materializes, assuming it does, the story’s landscape will be much different. There was a huge fracture between Chasity and both Mia and Shawna, Gat and Reina could find huge success with their new single on TikTok, and Maurice is set to be incarcerated.

Flo Milli and Rico Nasty also made surprise cameo appearances in the Season 2 finale. Hopefully, this will lead to even bigger names visiting the show next season if the series is renewed.

Rap Shit is now streaming on Max.

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