Phineas and Ferb Revival Series Gets Exciting Announcement from Creator

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Phineas and Ferb's upcoming revival just got an exciting announcement from the show's creator. 

After being announced back as a part of Dan Povenmire's new deal with Disney in January 2023, little has been said about the continued adventures of this animated pair of brothers. 

The revival comes with two new seasons, amounting to 40 episodes total. 

Phineas and Ferb Season 5 is able to continue production/development during the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes in Hollywood, as the Animation Guild is not on strike, so the series could possibly return sooner than some may have expected. 

Phineas and Ferb Revival Gets New Update

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Phineas and Ferb series creator Dan Povenmire officially ushered in the beginning of production on the show's first new batch of episodes since 2015. 

Povenmire posted on his personal TikTok account, showcasing a recording session for some of the first lines for the series' revival. 

In the video, he tells fans, "This is officially the first Doofenshmirtz line from Season 5," while detailing that the video was from the "first record day" for the new wave of episodes. 

Povenmire plays the fan-favorite character of Dr. Doofenshmirtz and can be seen in the TikTok voicing a line for the character during an interaction between him and the titular characters' secret agent pet platypus, Perry.

See the full video below:

When Will Phineas and Ferb Season 5 Release?

As of now, the Phineas and Ferb revival does not yet have an official release date from Disney (nor an announcement of if it will come to traditional linear TV in the form of the Disney Channel, or streaming on Disney+). 

From what both Dan Povenmire and Disney have said, both parties are eager to get the series out to audiences as soon as possible. 

At the time of the revival's announcement, Meredith Roberts, executive vice president of animation at Disney Branded Television said (via Cartoon Brew) that the studio was "pleased to continue our association with Dan and his inspiring creative team," but did not hint at when fans could expect the new episodes:

"Dan is a true mastermind, and his brilliant brand of storytelling has always been infused with a kind-spirited and optimistic sense of humor which continues to strike a perfect chord with audiences the world over. On behalf of everyone at Disney Television Animation, we’re so pleased to continue our association with Dan and his inspiring creative team ― visionary producers, writers, animators, song composers and directors who have entertained and connected with generations of viewers.”

Povenmire shared similar enthusiasm, telling fans he is "eagerly looking forward to diving back into the show:"

“It has been the greatest pleasure of my career to see how an entire generation of kids and parents have embraced the characters and the humor of 'Phineas and Ferb.' I’m eagerly looking forward to diving back into the show for them and for a whole new generation.”

Some may wonder how the ongoing Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike could affect the production (and, in turn, the release date) of Phineas and Ferb, the truth is, it shouldn't. SAG actors are still allowed to do voicework during the strike, meaning the animated series can move forward unimpeded. 

Speculation points to the series coming out sometime in 2024, and seeing as Disney's strike-effected release schedule is getting thinner and thinner, fans should expect Phineas and Ferb Season 5 to release as soon as possible, likely coming in the first half of next year. 

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