Full Cast of Napoleon 2023 Movie: Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Napoleon Joaquin Phoenix

Here is an extensive list of the cast and characters of Ridley Scott’s new film, Napoleon.

The film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby, follows the tyrannical French military leader who would lead the country in decisive military victories and be crowned emperor of France.

So far, the film has debuted to a lukewarm reception, sitting at a 63% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While some found the film to be “genuinely thrilling,” others thought it was “dry” and “unintentionally funny.”

Cast & Characters of 2023 Napoleon Movie

Joaquin Phoenix - Napoleon Bonaparte

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte in Napoleon
Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military commander who rose to power during the French Revolution and eventually became the Emperor of France. He is known for his military might and strategy, leading him to win 38 of his 43 listed battles.

Many will recognize Phoenix from his time as Arthur Fleck in the Joker film, and the actor has also played key roles in Beau Is Afraid, Her, and Walk the Line.

Vanessa Kirby - Empress Josephine

Vanessa Kirby as Empress Josephine in Napoleon
Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby’s Josephine was the first wife of Napoleon and the Empress of the French. While Napoleon was infatuated with her, he eventually had their marriage annulled in an attempt to get a proper heir from another woman.

Kirby has been in other projects such as The Crown, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Me Before You, and more.

Ben Miles - Caulaincourt

Ben Miles in Andor
Ben Miles

Caulaincourt, played by Ben Miles, was born on December 9, 1773 and served as a French military officer and diplomat under Napoleon, to whom he was also a close advisor.

Miles recently played Tay Kolma in Andor, Howard Lincoln in Tetris, and, like Vanessa Kirby, starred in The Crown.

Rupert Everett - Arthur Wellesley

Rupert Everett in Everyone Loves Diamonds
Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett’s Arthur Wellesley is the 1st Duke of Wellington. He is most well known for defeating Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

Some of Everett’s previous projects include Everyone Loves Diamonds, Funny Woman, and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Ludivine Sagnier - Theresa Cabarrus

Ludivine Sagnier in Lupin
Ludivine Sagnier

Historically, Ludivine Sagnier’s Theresa Cabarrus is a Spanish-born French noblewoman and socialite who goes on to become the Princess of Chimay.

Throughout history, Napoleon shared a strained relationship with her as he disapproved of her love life at times.

Sagnier can be seen in Lupin, The Young Pope, and The Serpent Queen.

Mark Bonnar - Jean-Andoche Junot

Mark Bonnar in Catastrophe
Mark Bonnar

A close ally of Napoleon, Jean-Andoche Junot, played by Mark Bonnar, was a French military officer who served in both the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

One of his biggest moments came when he was the commander of the French invasion of Portugal in 1807.

Bonnar has played key roles in Shetland, Guilt, and World on Fire.

Catherine Walker - Marie-Antoinette

Catherine Walker as Marie-Antoinette in Napoleon
Catherine Walker

Marie Antoinette was the queen of France from 1774 to 1793, and she played a key role in the decline of the French monarchy.

While she isn’t in the movie for long, her brief appearance does a wonderful job of setting the tone for Napoleon.

The character is played by Catherine Walker, who can also be seen in My Sailor, My Love, House of Gucci, and The Deceived.

Ian McNeice - King Louis XVIII

Ian McNeice in The Sandman
Ian McNeice

Ian McNeice’s King Louis XVIII is the man who became installed as the king in France after Napoleon abdicated as emperor in 1814, though he was never quite the popular choice for leading the country.

McNeice also appears in Doc Martin, The Sandman, and Foundation.

Tahar Rahim - Paul Barras

Tahar Rahim in Madame Web
Tahar Rahim

Portrayed by Tahar Rahim, Paul Barras was a corrupt and amoral politician during the French Revolution. He became the main executive leader of the Directory regime, lasting from 1795 to 1799.

Some of Rahim’s previous work includes A Prophet, The Mauritanian, and The Past.

Paul Rhys - Talleyrand

Paul Rhys as Talleyrand
Paul Rhys

Talleyrand was Napoleon’s chief diplomat during many of the ruler’s military victories. While he didn’t always agree with Napoleon’s policies, Talleyrand was still one of his key advisors.

Paul Rhys, who plays the character, can also be seen in the upcoming film Saltburn and previously played roles in A Discovery of Witches and TURN: Washington’s Spies.

Youssef Kerkour - General Davout

Youssef Kerkour
Youssef Kerkour

Youssef Kerkour’s General Davout was one of Napoleon’s strongest marshals. History’s nickname for him is the Iron Marshal due to his reputation as a stern disciplinarian.

Kerkour also appeared in Significant Other, Man Like Mobeen, and Stay Close.

Edouard Philipponnat - Tsar Alexander

Eduoard Philipponnat
Eduoard Philipponnat

Tsar Alexander was the Emperor of Russia for over 20 years. Napoleon held high respect for the man and what he accomplished.

Edouard Philipponnat will be portraying the Mad Hatter in 2024’s Lost in Wonderland.

John Hollingworth - Marshal Ney

John Hollingworth as Marshal Ney in Napoleon
John Hollingworth

Marshal Ney, brought to life by John Hollingworth, is a French military commander and Marshal who fought under Napoleon.

Hollingworth also has brief appearances in The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, and The Full Monty.

Scott Handy - Marshal Berthier

Scott Handy
Scott Handy

Marshal Berthier is another French soldier who was a close ally to Napoleon. He was the Minister of War of France twice and, in 1804, was made the Marshal of the Empire.

Some of Scott Handy’s other work includes Liaison, Quiz, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Matthew Needham - Lucien Bonaparte

Matthew Needham in House of the Dragon
Matthew Needham

Matthew Needham’s Lucien Bonaparte was Napoleon’s second surviving brother who helped in Napoleon’s election as consul in 1799.

Needham recently entertained the world with his time on House of Dragon.

Anna Mawn - The Duchess Marie-Louise

Anna Mawn
Anna Mawn

The Duchess Marie-Louise, played by Anna Mawn, is Napoleon’s second wife. After his abdication in 1814, she became the Duchess of Parma.

Some of Mawn’s previous credits include Black Cake, The Nevers, and Anne Boleyn.

Napoleon hits theaters on Wednesday, November 22.

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