Moon Knight Star Oscar Isaac Reacts to Disney's LGBTQ Backlash

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As Marvel Studios and, in turn, Disney ramp back up the content machine, the Hollywood giant fins itself shrouded by controversy off-screen. The company behind the upcoming Moon Knight and the recently released Turning Red has faced fan backlash after it refused to take a stand against the contentious 'Don't Say Gay' bill tabled in Florida. 

The controversial piece of legislation would see any mention of gender identity or sexual orientation removed from the public school curriculum. Justifiably, it has received plenty of backlash from the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. 

Disney, who houses a large share of its operations in the Sunshine State, did not immediately come out against the bill. CEO Bob Chapek released a statement on the legislation, but for many, it was too little, too late. 

All of this has led to a walkout being staged by employees at the House of Mouse and stances opposing the bill being taken by the likes of Marvel Studios and more. And this has not stopped from bleeding onto the promotion trail, as Moon Knight star Oscar Isacc has faced questions regarding the subject while promoting his upcoming MCU debut.

Oscar Isaac's Thoughts on 'Don't Say Gay'

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In an interview with Variety, Oscar Isaac took a break from promoting his upcoming MCU series Moon Knight to tackle the controversy around Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill and the walk-outs happening at Disney because of the studio's response.

Isaac first started singing, repeating the word "gay," as what can be assumed to be a form of protest to Hollywood studio.

Then the veteran actor called the situation "insanity," while saying he hopes Disney "comes out as forcefully as possible against this idea:"

“I guess my comment would be [starts singing] gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gayyyyyy! Yeah, it’s an absolutely ridiculous law. It’s insane. It’s insanity. And I hope that Disney as a company comes out as forcefully as possible against this idea. It’s astounding that it even exists in this country.”

Also talking to Variety, Isaac's Moon Knight co-star Ethan Hawke spoke on the need for positive LGBTQ+ representation in media and visibility on the community as a whole. Hawke stated that he wasn't "educated about" Florida's new bill specifically, but called for better empathy and understanding towards those that identify with the LGBTQ+ community:

“My life's work is dedicated to creating empathy... I feel the power of stories that we tell each other. If you tell the truth about human experience, you invite empathy. And the more places we shine light, the less dark places there are, and there's less to be afraid of. And the more we understand each other's experiences, the more humanity we find in them, and the better we all actually feel. So that's my job, and that's what I believe in.”

Moon Knight is on the Right Side of History

Boy, does this put Disney into a corner. If the studio felt the need to do something to alleviate this situation before, now they are really going to feel it. 

When a Hollywood name as big as Oscar Isaac comes out showing his support for the LGBTQIA+ community in this situation, using his platform to put pressure on the powers that be to shoot down a bill like this, heads have to turn. 

So far, Disney has lost fans because of this situation; employees are planning a walk-out, and the company is now seeing its talent turn against it in the press. It seems as though now is the time for a major move from the movie-making giant. 

It has already been reported that Disney is trying to fix some of its issues internally. The first of these efforts can be seen with the reinstatement of a cut same-sex kiss in the upcoming Lightyear movie. However, it is going to take a lot more than that to regain the goodwill that has been lost. 

It feels as though the fans, staff, and now stars will not be happy until a long-term definitive plan is released by Disney on how they are going to remedy the current situation. And it will not be good enough to simply show how the studio plans to help the community at large, but rather how it will address its internal issues surrounding on-screen representation

And this will likely not be the last time fans hear from Oscar Isaac on the subject, as the actor continues to promote Moon Knight ahead of its March 30 release.

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