Marvel Removed Will Poulter's NSFW Guardians 3 Scene

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Adam Warlock's appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could've included a fairly NSFW scene with Will Poulter's eventual hero, but it got removed by the final cut.

Warlock is a character fans consistently voiced their desire to see arrive in the MCU. While James Gunn almost included him in Vol. 2, he instead simply got relegated to a tease in the film's post-credits tag.

His proper arrival didn't happen for another six years, but it did happen in the end. But some fans that even Guardians 3 didn't include enough for Warlock to do—which has led to an even stronger desire to see more of the character sooner rather than later.

While his next project isn't announced yet, there are still some scrapped goodies to acquire from his debut film.

Adam Warlock's Removed NSFW Scene

A new deleted NSFW scene from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 shows Will Poulter's Adam Warlock spewing some vile words towards the film's key antagonists.

In the removed sequence, Adam and his mother, Ayesha, played by Elizabeth Debicki, are just arriving on their ship.

Adam Warlock, Ayesha

After Ayesha complains about the Guardians of the Galaxy, Adam quickly declares that he's going "to piss on their bodies and make love to their carcasses:"

"Do not fret mother, I will kill all your enemies for you... I will. I will stomp on their skulls. I'm goin to mush their brains between my fingers. I'm going to piss on their bodies and make love to their carcasses."

Adam Warlock, Will Poulter

Even Warlock's mother thinks her son is being a little harsh.

Ayesha, Elizabeth Debicki

It's unclear when exactly this scene might occur, but odds are it proceeds Warlock's attack on Knowhere at the beginning of the movie.

Alternatively, it could also be right after their first scene with The High Evolutionary following Adam's unsuccessful attempt at grabbing Rocket.

The entire scene can be seen below.

Why Was This NSFW Cut From Guardians 3?

When it comes to why this scene was cut in the first place, it likely has nothing to do with the actual NSFW moments in the clip. After all, Chris Pratt's Star-Lord does utter the MCU's first "fuck".

Gunn was probably looking to not overdo it with Adam Warlock, especially regarding his antagonistic role towards the Guardians. With that mindset, nixing this scene was a solid choice—even if it meant less of Will Poulter.

For those looking for more cut Adam Warlock moments, there's another fun bit waiting in the deleted scenes.

The sequence in question shows the High Evolutionary being imprisoned after the final battle. In the aftermath of the film on Knowhere, Kraglin comes up to Adam to criticize him on his name choice, advising how he might want to add a little flair to his name.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is now available to buy on digital platforms.

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