The Direct Podcast - Chris Killian, Thomas Nicholson Interview, Best MCU Hair Draft

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This week's episode of The Direct Podcast has a little bit of everything!

We have not one, but TWO interviews, we cover the top news from the week, dive into the idea of comic book movie fatigue, and finish things off with a draft. 

We start with the Sizzle Reel where we go over the top headlines from the universes you love. Starting with James Gunn's recent comments about possibly expanding his relationship with HBO Max. After The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, could Gunn continue to help rebuild the DCEU?

Thomas Nicholson is portraying the late great David Bowie in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. He gives us a look into life in the DC television universe!

With over a dozen comic book movies or Star Wars projects set to release in the next year, we discuss the possibility of comic book movie fatigue. 

Chris Killian from joins us to go over the ups and downs of running a daily news show covering the entire entertainment landscape. 

Killian sticks around for a draft of the MCU's best hairstyles. From Natasha Romanoff to The God Of Thunder, we cover all the best heads of hair. 


2:45 - Quick Questions

5:14 - Sizzle Reel

7:51 - James Gunn and HBO

11:42 - Feige and Star Wars

16:18 - Emily Blunt out on Comic Book Movies

22:48 - Thomas Nicholson Interview

33:44 - Comic Book Movie Fatigue

56:22 - Chris Killian Interview

1:07:33 - MCU Hair Draft

1:28:09 - Weekly Recs

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