Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Reportedly Works Extremely Late Hours

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Kevin Feige is a name that is instantly known by most that follow the entertainment industry. How could he not be? The man is known for starting one of the world's biggest and most successful, cinematic universes—not to mention the many franchises held within it that have made billions at the box office.

Starting as an Associate Producer on the original X-Men film in 2000, Feige went on to become the head executive of Marvel Studios, and one of the most important and legendary producers in the world. With that comes a substantial workload.

The number of things that Feige has to juggle at any single time is absolutely insane. Not only is he jumping back and forth between 25+ projects in the works, but there are also dozens more in the early stages of development; he's also deeply involved with the opening of an entire section of Disneyland devoted to Marvel, with most of it being based on the MCU.

One could easily just assume that the man is a robot that doesn't sleep or need any sustenance, only feeding off Marvel data in order to continue functioning. While previous Marvel writer C. Robert Cargill wasn't able to confirm if Feige does actually sleep, he was able to confirm that Feige often works until midnight or later.


Kevin Feige

In a recent AMA with Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill, Reddit user Hemens123 asked how it was for him to work on the first Doctor Strange film with the head CEO of Marvel Studios—AKA Kevin Feige,

Clearly, Feige made a good impression, as Cargill immediately noted that "Kevin is a genius."

Kevin is a genius. really knows how to take a large body of work (the comics) and distill it into something accessible even to people who have never heard of the character, making them fans.

Cargill continued on, addressing something that he admires about Feige, including the fact that "he often doesn't go home before midnight."

It was an honor and a great pleasure to work with him. I admire his work ethic. He often doesn't go home before midnight. He LIVES Marvel.


Kevin Feige has done an incredible job with Marvel Studios—which almost doesn't need to be said, seeing how successful the entire enterprise is. It's impossible to imagine what it all would have looked like without him. In fact, it likely wouldn't have existed much past 2008's Iron Man, assuming that film was made at all.

While there's no end in sight yet for Feige's work at Marvel, fans can only hope that he keeps running things for the foreseeable future. Being honest, there's no way that the hopeful Secret Wars movie will happen without Feige behind the wheel, keeping everything cohesive and of quality (for the most part).

Feige also seems to have aspirations outside of Marvel, having officially become a producer of an upcoming mystery Star Wars film. Thankfully, that isn't a sign of him wanting to take on more work in terms of being an executive producer for Star Wars as well.

For now, Feige's core focus remains on Marvel Studios and telling interwoven and connected storytelling. Next on his plate? Showing off Loki to the world.

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