Marvel Releases 3 Official Photos of Kingpin In Hawkeye Finale

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Marvel Studios latest series, Hawkeye, came to an arrow-slinging, Christmas tree-felling, van-shrinking finale on Wednesday, December 22, 2021. The Clint-Barton led series closes out Marvel Studios' impressive 2021 Disney+ run that started with Elizabeth Olsen's WandaVision and also included shows such as Tom Hiddleston's Loki and the animated What If...? series. 

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Hawkeye Episode 6.

The final episode saw Clint Barton and Kate Bishop pitted against Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin and his Tracksuit Mafia. Their conflict culminated in an all-out clash in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza that featured LARPing, trick arrows and a one-on-one brawl between Kate and Fisk.

Fans were, of course, feverishly anticipating the return of actor Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, a role he reprised from the Daredevil series on Netflix. And he clearly received some kind of a power boost for his reintroduction because he not only shrugged off an arrow to the chest and being hit by a car, but he also ripped said car's door clean off his hinges with his bare hands.

Now, a few official stills from the finale have been released that highlight D'Onofrio's return to his Netflix role. 

A Fresh, Official Look At The Kingpin

Marvel and Disney released three new images from the finale episode of Hawkeye that center on Wilson Fisk himself.

WIlson Fisk, Echo, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Fisk has a conversation with his "niece," Maya Lopez. The two communicate using sign language, as Maya is deaf.

Wilson Fisk, Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld
Marvel Studios

"You're in over your head!" Fisk exclaimed as he battled with Kate Bishop, who resorted to clever tricks to defeat the Kingpin.

Wilson Fisk, Kingpin, Fra Fee, Kazi
Marvel Studios

An angry Wilson Fisk confronted Fra Fee's Kazi Kazimierczak shortly after Maya left the room.

Clearly Not a Fisk-out-Of-Water

After Daredevil's cancellation, Vincent D'Onofrio was always eager to return to the role of Wilson Fisk, so it's quite nice to see that the MCU has found a spot for him. 

According to the actor, this Kingpin is the same one from the Netflix series and has seen his criminal empire suffer in the five-year-long Blip, in which half the Earth's population had vanished, only before being brought back in 2019's Avengers: Endgame. This seemingly establishes all of the Marvel Netflix series as MCU canon, although there's yet to be an official confirmation of this.

Fisk ended the episode by being seemingly shot by Maya Lopez, who wanted out of the criminal life. Whether he really took a bullet remains to be seen, but in the comics, a similar scene played out at one point, and Fisk was temporarily blinded by the gunshot.

Fans almost certainly haven't seen the last of Wilson Fisk. However, the character has not been announced for any future projects in an official capacity. But one never knows the full story with Marvel Studios, so he could pop up where everyone is least expecting him to.

All six episodes of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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