Marvel Celebrates Jeremy Renner & Hailee Steinfeld With New Hawkeye Figures

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Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Marvel Legends action figures, Hawkeye logo

Hasbro's Marvel Legends action figure line continues to be popular with fans and collectors alike, with its practical articulation and deep character selection. The line, of course, encompasses several heroes, villains and supporting cast members from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The most recent MCU figures released by Hasbro comprised characters from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and featured Wong, America Chavez, and the good doctor himself. Additionally, figures based upon Hawkeye stood as the only 2021 MCU project to not have a dedicated Marvel Legends release.

On the broader Disney+ side of the MCU, Legends actually hasn't put out any figures from the streaming series since Summer, 2021's wave based on What If...? Rumors have persisted of a new series of figures based on the characters from Marvel Studios' shows on Disney+, but nothing has gone up for pre-order until now.

These Hawkeye Action Figures Don't Miss The Mark

Hasbro has put the first two figures in their third MCU Disney+ themed wave up for pre-order. The offerings include Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, both from Hawkeye.

Clint comes packed with his bow and a set of alternate hands. He also includes a Build-a-Figure piece to assemble Infinity Ultron from What If...? Pre-order here.

Marvel Legends Clint Barton

Much like her mentor, Kate comes with a bow, swappable hands and another Build-a Figure part. Pre-order here.

Marvel Legends Kate Bishop


Mentor and Protégé Arrive in Marvel Legends

It's important to note that the figures pictured in the above graphics are merely digital renders; CG-composed place-fillers meant to stand in for the final, finished products which will naturally be constructed from plastic.

Another important is that the release date attached to each of the pre-orders is for March of 2023. By all accounts, it will not take that long for fans to receive their Hawkeye figures. Rather, this is a strategy that Hasbro has been employing as of late. The company overshoots its release dates by a wide margin to account for the ongoing shipping delays still happening globally.

There are still five whole figures still yet to be revealed in this wave. The current crop of rumors indicates that the mystery offerings could be for characters from Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel or Moon KnightAt any rate, collectors will likely want to keep their eyes peeled for the rest of this Disney+ focused series of Marvel Legends.

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