Marvel's Eternals: Angelina Jolie Is Front & Center on New IMAX & Dolby Posters

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Angelina Jolie, Marvel's Eternals, Thena

Marvel Studios once again crushed the box office with Shang-Ch and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Thanks to that film’s success, the next film on the MCU slate, Eternals, gets to keep its theatrical release. The film will feature an all-star cast including the likes of Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, and Barry Keoghan.

The movie theater-going experience has always been a sacred one, one which has been in danger over the course of the pandemic. When it comes to a movie on the scale that Eternals presents, it’s all but a requirement to see it on the biggest screen available.

While one could go to a standard screening of the film, the real fun is in the premium formats. IMAX and Dolby Cinema are where the audio and visuals are enhanced in different ways.

To promote the film’s release for formats such as those, Marvel Studios released two brand-new, beautiful posters for the occasion.

Eternals Receives New Imax and Dolby Posters

Marvel Studios officially unveiled two new posters for its upcoming film, Eternals

The first is for IMAX, where Marvel teased that the "Marvel universe becomes Eternal."

Marvel, MCU, Eternals
Marvel Studios

The second poster is for Dolby Cinema, where Marvel teased the film's "immersive audio and awe-inspiring visuals." The poster also prominently features Angelina Jolie's Thena in the center of the immortal group.

Marvel, MCU, Eternals
Marvel Studios

A third premium experience, 4DX, also got its own new poster for the upcoming film, which is similar to the Dolby one but slightly rearranged and in a different ancient glyph.

Eternals, MCU, Marvel
Marvel Studios


The IMAX and Dolby Experience

Marvel Studios and IMAX have always had a long-standing relationship. The big draw for the format is its bigger screen and better audio mixing than the standard.

It was a big deal when Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame was released because the film and its predecessor were both filmed entirely in IMAX—a first for a mainstream project.

The second choice for a more premium experience is Dolby Cinema. While the screen size and ratio aren’t changed like they are with IMAX, the picture quality is far more improved in areas such as color, contrast, and resolution. The audio is also more immersive and impressive on many fronts.

When it comes to 4DX, it may not have the screen and audio improvements that the other formats have, but it does introduce a multi-sensory cinematic experience. What does that mean? Well, the theater includes motion seats, wind, strobe lights, simulated snow, and scents to bring audiences into the film's world.

As for which one to watch Eternals in, well, that’s up to the fans when they go to see the movie when it drops on November 5 later this year.

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