How Loki's Director Convinced Marvel To Hire Her, Despite Lack of Experience

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When it comes to the creative force behind everything Marvel Studios does, it isn't what one would expect—and it's certainly far different from other studios and large projects. For one, the studio has a habit of going for creative talent that isn't known for having done much.

Take Jon Favreau, for example. Before landing the Iron Man gig, Favreau wasn't really known for much. In fact, his resume was fairly small, with nothing in particular sticking out. Now, the man is known for having started one of the biggest cinematic universes to date. Not only that, but Favreau went on to facilitate technological breakthroughs for The Lion King, which he then turned around and applied to The Mandalorian—a project that revitalized the entire Star Wars franchise.

There are plenty of other examples such as the Russo Brothers. A duo that started from directing Community episodes brought two of the biggest movies ever made to life—not to mention being a huge guiding force for the MCU continuity. It would seem that experience isn't the end all be all for Marvel.

This same ideology was very much in play when it came time to pick the person that was going to bring Loki's very first solo outing to life.


Loki Tom Hiddleston Character Show

When it comes to Marvel, apparently, experience isn't necessarily the key element to getting in the door. In an interview with Digital SpyLoki Director Kate Herron revealed that prior to her time on the show, her experience wasn't quite up to par with the many big names that have worked with Marvel Studios in the past.

For Herron, though, she was always a big Marvel fan. In fact, being a big X-Men fan, Herron at one point in her childhood tried to "turn one of [her] Barbies into Storm," an experiment that sadly ended with simply having melted the Barbie's hair off.

X-Men wasn't her only love when it came to the Marvel universe. Herron revealed that she had always loved the God of Mischief. So, when word got around that a solo Loki series was being developed, she had to get involved—holding such confidence to say that "they will cave, and they will meet me:" 

"I remember saying to my agent, 'Just keep calling them. Just keep calling them. Eventually, they will cave, and they will meet me.'"

As fate would have it, Marvel did, in fact, cave, and Herron was able to pitch her idea. This idea came in the form of a 60-page pitch. Simply put, she figured she should "go big or go home:"

"I figured, go big or go home, because I knew I’d be up against some really experienced directors, and I thought, 'Well, I’m not going to lie to them' and be like, 'I’m the most experienced person you’re meeting.’ But I thought I’d just be the most passionate."

Clearly, that strong passion was her key to success, and from the looks of it, it may be the key to Loki's success.


Listening to the way that Kate Herron and lead Loki writer Michael Waldron talk clearly show that both of these people love what they are doing and are putting an insane amount of passion into the gig handed down to them by Marvel. In the end, experience is great and all, but passion is truly the key.

While the show hasn't aired yet, it's already hard not to hope that when that rumored second season starts up, Marvel will decide to keep the same creative team. Of course, there is always the possibility that Loki won't be great and that it will crash and burn. But, honestly, that really doesn't seem like the case. 

If anything, it seems that Marvel once again has a hit on their hands.

Loki will premiere on Disney+ on June 9, 2021.

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