James Gunn Reveals the Guardians of the Galaxy Deleted Scene He Wants to 'George Lucas' Back In

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Back in April, Twitter user @BrandonDavisBD hosted one of his now-infamous quarantine watch parties for 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy . Brandon was fortunate enough to have Guardians director himself, James Gunn, Tweet alongside him, revealing never-heard-of tidbits about the summer blockbuster .

Since then, the quarantine watch parties have died down... until today when Davis announced its resurgence with one for 2008's Iron Man tomorrow night at 9 P.M . Nonetheless, details from the Vol. 1 watch party are coming back up again as James Gunn provided extra commentary on one particular aspect he revealed earlier this year...


Director James Gunn once again tweeted out a cut line from an exchange between Peter Quill and Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1, in which one of Drax's lines ended up not being used :

In response to Twitter user @redletterdave , Gunn mentioned how badly he wanted to go back and put that line in the film, a-la Star Wars style:


With 23 films on its slate, there's a lot that's been left on Marvel Studios' cutting room floor. From lines like the one James Gunn tweeted out to entire scenes, there's arguably a whole other Marvel Cinematic Universe out there consisting solely of deleted material. You could even say it's in a galaxy far, far away...

James Gunn wanting to 'George Lucas' Drax's line back in is both amusing and insightful as to how Star Wars has handled some of its retconning. Star Wars is known for going back to its films and dropping references to other films that were released afterward (i.e when Return of the Jedi was re-released following the prequel trilogy, Hayden Christensen was ushered in as a Force spirit).

While it may be a bit too soon for Marvel Studios to do the same for its films, there's no telling if way, way down the line they'll be given the same treatment. MCU films are beloved by many, and it's always exciting to see fresh content introduced to spice up what's already been done. Marvel Studios doesn't necessarily have the same continuity to keep up as Lucasfilms does, but there's no arguing that a director's love for their material is strong.

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