James Gunn Calls Out 'Bulls--t' Marvel Casting Scam

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Production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is well underway with filming having wrapped just a few weeks ago. The upcoming intergalactic threequel will mark the end of this Guardians team as fans know it, having been teased as the darkest movie of the trilogy by director James Gunn. Vol. 3 will see plenty of familiar faces for MCU fans, with a few new castings thrown into the mix such as Will Poulter's Adam Warlock. 

The film is still just about a year away, but that has not stopped fans from expressing their excitement about another Guardians epic. Audiences have been keen to let James Gunn and his creative team know just how enthusiastic they are about the Guardians franchise, with the filmmaker even responding on multiple occasions. 

This open persona that Gunn has online means that, while he loves the positive, he is also not afraid to call out anything that seems suspect when it comes to the making of his movies. And yes, the GOTG director has done it again as someone is using GOTG Vol. 3 to take advantage of unknowing fans. 

James Gunn Calls "Bulls--t"

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gun responded to a recent Instagram posting, posing as a casting call for the upcoming Marvel threequel. 

The Instagram Story uploaded by Nine9dotcom turned out to be fake with the account charging unsuspecting people who thought they were getting a shot to be an extras actor in the MCU. 

Guardians Vol 3 Fake Casting Call

Gunn tweeted in relation to the supposed casting call, saying that it was "bullshit" as "[they] had finished shooting a month ago." The director said that people should "beware of companies like Nine9dotCOM" for "ripping off people & taking advantage of their dreams:"

"Okay this is disgusting. People should beware of companies like @Nine9dotCOM, ripping off people & taking advantage of their dreams. Once again, this casting call is bullshit: we finished shooting a month ago."

One fan (@words_nik) on Twitter followed this up by giving more info on the predatory practices at play, pointing out that this company was "pressuring people" to "to pay them 99$ plus monthly service fees" in order to be a part of the MCU epic:

"Even worse they're hosting regular mass zoom calls to get people to pay them 99$ plus monthly service fees to have opportunities for GoTG. They're getting people to pay live while pressuring people on the call who aren't sending in payments."

Gunn landed one final verbal blow, retorting

"Nine9dotCOM Maybe you con artists shouldn’t be the ones talking about 'good relationships' with directors."

A Casting Callout

Many will celebrate James Gunn for calling these con artists for all the world to see. Yes, the director is bringing attention to them and giving them the spotlight for a brief moment, but it may be justified in this case. 

Getting to maybe one day be a part of something as massive as the MCU is many fans' dreams. So, taking advantage of that enthusiasm and passion for profit is truly despicable. 

The sad thing is that this is probably only one of the hundreds of schemes just like this. People will happily prey on people's hopes and aspirations for profit, and to connect oneself to the MCU illegitimately sounds like a pretty good way to do it. Even the post itself looks fairly legit.

However, if those applying were in the know, they would be aware that filming for GOTG Vol. 3 had wrapped not too long ago. Now, that this group is out in the open, maybe it will deter others from partaking in the same sort of malicious practice. Although, that may be giving humankind a little too much credit. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5, 2023. 

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