James Gunn Shares His Honest Thoughts on AI

By Richard Nebens Posted:
James Gunn, Guardians 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn shared his honest thoughts on the growing conversation regarding artificial intelligence (AI) in movie writing.

As the film industry changes with new techniques for filmmaking, AI continues to become a more viable method for the movie-making process, with many directors and creatives using it for parts of scripts and visual effects.

And while there is still a long way to go for this technology to be a viable regular tool in Hollywood, it's already proving its use on a smaller scale for those ambitious enough to try it out.

James Gunn Gets Honest About AI in Films

James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy

Speaking with Alodia Gosiengfia during the press tour for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, director/writer James Gunn shared his honest thoughts on how artificial intelligence is used in the movie industry today.

Confirming that "AI was not a part of the production" for his final MCU movie, he even admitted that he doesn't know much about the technology, feeling somewhat hesitant about it but also sharing excitement for its use in other areas of life:

"AI was not a part of the production. I honestly don’t know that much about AI, I’ve never used Chad GPT or anything like that. But I’m actually, I’m wary of AI, like a lot of people are, but I’m also very excited about what it means for medicine, what it means for law enforcement, what it means for a lot of areas of life that AI can actually help us."

Describing himself as "an old-fashioned science fiction guy," he sees plenty of possibilities for AI to be a big part of life as a whole:

"I’m an old-fashioned science fiction guy, I believe that we can create a better world through technology, I believe that that’s possible. It’s really just about us focusing on what’s most important to us, like the Guardians movies do."

Concluding his chat, he only hoped that AI could "be used for benevolent purposes" moving forward rather than taking over the world in the coming years:

"We can have a big spectacle film that it’s most, at its core, is about loving one another and about the connections between human beings, and I want people to walk into this movie and walk out feeling better about the person they sat next to than when they walked in. And I think, in the same way, that AI can be used for benevolent purposes and hopefully won’t be taking us all over in a few years. We’ll see."

Director Zack Snyder also gave his own thoughts on artificial intelligence at his Full Circle Event, explaining that it doesn't have the ability to put the "prism between [him] and the reality that the filmmaker puts up" that human writing does:

"I would say to any filmmakers out there, whether it's a movie or a painting or a photograph, whatever you're doing, you are also a prism for the thing. AI doesn't have the ability. I, as a viewer, I want this prism between me and the reality that the filmmaker puts up."

Will James Gunn Take On AI Challenge?

For the time being, AI seems to be mostly considered as an option for smaller parts of the movie-making process, including minor parts of a script or the odd CGI shot or character.

But considering the advancements that are being made with technology, some of which have already been seen through tools like The Volume, it seems to be only a matter of time until artificial intelligence becomes more of a possibility to use as a true filmmaking tool.

Thanks to his new title as DC Studios co-CEO along with his place as the writer and director of Superman: Legacy, James Gunn will have ample opportunity to see how AI evolves over the coming years while staying in the world of comic book movies.

During his work on Guardians 3, he didn't jump on board with that tool, although it's clear that he sees the benefits of its applicability in areas of life outside of his own job.

And while AI continues to integrate itself more into the entertainment industry, many will be curious to see just how much Gunn and other filmmakers rely on it to help them accomplish their goals with their own movies.

Gunn's latest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, is now playing in theaters.

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