Eternals Review (w/ Jeff D Lowe), Morbius Trailer, Boba Fett Trailer, Spider-Man 2 Review

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Longest. Episode. Ever.

Two movie reviews, two trailer breakdowns, and a draft. This is the biggest episode of The Direct Podcast yet. Timecodes are below if you're looking for a specific segment!

Eternals is the biggest MCU movie since Endgame and we have a lot to dive into. Chloe Zhao brings a huge story with an epic cast and numerous plots going on at once. This has been the most polarizing movie in Phase 4, and we break everything from the good to the bad down.

With such a big movie and so many new heroes, we needed a whole extra segment to go through the characters. We rank our favorite Eternals in a draft with Barstool's Jeff D. Lowe.

Trailers were also hot this week as both Morbius and The Book of Boba Fett gave us new looks. The Star Wars and Spider-Man universes are expanding and we talk about what to expect.

Finally, we continue our Spider-Man rewatch with Spider-Man 2! This film is a classic that many tout as one of the best comic book movies of all time. With Doc Ock at the forefront of universes blending, this is an essential movie to revisit.

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3:36 - Quick Question

14:09 - Sizzle Reel

17:42 - Morbius Trailer

27:39 - Boba Fett Trailer

35:45 - Spider-Man 2 Retrospective Review

1:09:31 - Eternals Review

2:23:56 - Eternals Post Credit Scenes

2:38:25 - Eternals Character Draft (w/ Jeff D. Lowe)

3:19:19 - Weekly Recs

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