Eternals 2: Chloé Zhao Teases Return for Possible Marvel Sequel

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It's almost time for Chloé Zhao's Eternals. After a year of delays and much anticipation, November 5, 2021 is fast approaching. 

The film recently held its premiere in Los Angeles, where the cast was out in full force celebrating the upcoming project. Also in attendance? Critics, who were able to join in on the fun and see it for the first time.

Reactions to the next MCU film were overwhelmingly positive, with only a few negative takes. One thing that stuck out is how it seems that the film handles its characters and ensemble perfectly and never lets them get lost in the bombastic action that Marvel is known for. 

With the first film already getting such high praise from those who have seen it, there's no doubt that ideas for a sequel are already being pitched. The real question, however, is if Zhao would return to direct it?

Will Chloé Zhao Return For A Sequel?

Eternals Heroes

In a conversation with The PlaylistEternals director Chloé Zhao was asked about sequel prospects and if she'd like to return to this world she helped build for another adventure.

Zhao confirmed that "[she] would be back in a second" while ending her response with a coy "we'll see":

"What I loved about making this film is that it tied so close to the origin of the MCU is also going to have a big repercussion moving MCU forward. With those two as secured, we get to play and do whatever we want and make a stand strong standalone film and leave everything on the table. I would be back in a second working with the team at Marvel for sure. So we’ll see."

Chloé Zhao Is Eternal

Talk about an Eternals sequel isn't new, as conversations were rumored to be happening months ago—if not longer. After all, there's no way Marvel Studios would put together this incredible cast to only have them on the screen once.

The universe's landscape by the movie's end isn't known just yet, so maybe there would be a reason an Eternals sequel wouldn't make sense; but that's an unlikely scenario.

It's been teased more than a few times that the film is set to have a massive impact on the MCU. Where ever the franchise does go next, it's a safe bet that it will continue building the foundation that the entire world stands on—something that inherently already started the moment the Celestials were introduced.

In fact, with the epic cosmic scale that Eternals explores, there are some insanely important concepts and characters who could easily be introduced in their storylines. Galactus maybe? Could fans even see The Beyonder show his face down the line?

Fans will have to see for themselves after they watch Eternals starting on November 5, 2021.


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