When Will Elsbeth Episode 11 Release?

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Audiences may be wondering when Episode 11 of Elsbeth will find its way to CBS.

Carrie Preston is Elsbeth! The fan-favorite character of The Good Wife and The Good Fight fame was the recipient of her own spin-off that made its debut midseason on CBS. 

Elsbeth sees its title character working for the New York Police Department in the role of consultant detective as she works closely alongside Officer Kaya Blanke (read more about Kaya Blanke actress Carra Patterson here) to solve crimes and put her keen eye for detail to good use.

Is an Episode 11 of Elsbeth Coming?

Carrie Preston as Elsbeth in Elsbeth

Episode 10 of Elsbeth aired on Thursday, May 23. It also served as the Season 1 finale. Some viewers may still be curious about Episode 11, but that episode will serve as the second season premiere.

As for when Season 2 will come to CBS? Fortunately for fans, the comedy-infused procedural will be a part of the network’s fall schedule. Series lead Carrie Preston confirmed this herself on X (formerly Twitter):

"We start shooting season 2 in July! Will air in the fall."

Network television shows typically do not have very lengthy turnaround times from when an episode is filmed to the time it makes it to the airwaves. Case in point, Elsbeth Season 1 shot from January to late April 2024 and the series premiere took place on February 29.

What Could Elsbeth Season 2 Look Like?

The key to Elsbeth’s appeal is Carrie Preston. She plays the show’s central character with pluck and earnestness and, along with some sharp writing, Elsbeth Tascioni is portrayed with a wholesome, very endearing quirkiness.

So, audiences can undoubtedly expect Elsbeth Season 2 to continue what makes the series work so well. Oftentimes, with offbeat TV characters, their quirks will be ramped up over time, so hopefully, the powers that be will know to keep Elsbeth’s charming idiosyncrasies in healthy moderation.

At the tail end of Season 1, Ms. Tascioni was nearly out of a job after a bit of a blowout with Captain Wagner, but the freshman year’s final episode, appropriately titled “A Fitting Finale”, established that Elsbeth will remain on-staff with the NYPD.

The show usually adopts a "howcatchem" structure, popularized by the classic detective program Columbo, in which the crime of the week is shown being committed at the top of the episode, leaving the characters to suss things out over the remaining runtime.

All but one episode from Elsbeth Season 1 utilized this form of storytelling, so the second season will probably continue that trend as well.

Elsbeth Season 1 is streaming on Paramount+.

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