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James Gunn and Peter Safran's first DCU chapter, Gods and Monsters, will include both television shows and cinematic projects and utilize both animation and live-action mediums, with one specific character already planned to merge. 

Unlike in the MCU, DCU fans know what else is coming and how much of an interconnected cinematic universe is being planned. Shows and movies — Elseworlds like The Batman Part II notwithstanding — will exist within the same universe.

This applies to animation and live-action as well. In February, Gunn implied that Swamp Thing — who will be appearing in a live-action film — may also be appearing in the animated Creature Commandos or vice versa. So there is some level of precedent implying that animation and live action will interact.

Luckily, some new information shed light on this potential confusion, thanks to DC Comics and DC Studios writer Tom King.

New DCU Film & TV Crossover Confirmed

An animated Doctor Phosphorous, a black skeleton with a white outline and orange fire surrounding him, wearing a lab coat and blue gloves. He is surrounded on both sides by two other animated characters.
DC Studios

In a now-private interview with ComicPop, DC Comics and DC Studios writer Tom King confirmed that Doctor Phosphorus from the Creature Commandos animated show will be appearing in a live-action movie in the new DCU.

When discussing his excitement over bringing the villainous Doctor Phosphorus to life in the DCU, King revealed that not only will he be in Creature Commandos, but "Doctor Phosphorus is going to be in a movie" as well:

"[Creature Commandos is] the first kickoff. That’ll be the launch of the new universe, will be Creature Commandos. And what I like about that… Doctor Phosporus is on that team, which is created by Walt Simonson. who’s, maybe, my favorite person ever… And he loves Doctor Phosphorus. He created him back in 1977, or whatever. And so I couldn’t wait to tell Walt like, ’Doctor Phosphorus is going to be in a movie.'"

This lines up with what James Gunn discussed about how in the new DCU, "Everything’s crossing over throughout," though he was quick to clarify that "it doesn’t necessarily mean always." Still, for instance, a Creature Commando will be appearing in the live-action Waller series.

"Everything’s crossing over throughout. These characters are all interacting throughout the different stories.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean always. 'Brave and the Bold' may just be Batman, Robin and the characters involved in that. But I know a lot of other times these characters cross around. In Creature Commandos, one of the main characters shows up in Waller."

What Movie Will Doctor Phosphorus Appear In?

Fans now know that a Creature Commando will be appearing in Waller and that Doctor Phosphorus from Creature Commandos will be appearing in a movie.

Now, Waller is not a movie but a series, so this is no indication that Doctor Phosphorus is the Waller cameo. However, if the character is already set to appear in a live-action movie, he could possibly appear in the series as well — be it by himself or with another Creature Commando.

The new DCU films have little publicly known regarding their plots or characters, though given Gunn's earlier commentary, the Bat-Family-focused The Brave and the Bold will likely not be where Doctor Phosphorus cameos. More likely, less grounded films like Superman: Legacy or The Authority would be where fans could expect to see the character.

Creature Commandos does not currently have a release date, but when it does, it will premiere on HBO Max.

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