Who Is Charly Jordan? 6 Things to Know About Ted Show's Sheila Actress

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Charly Jordan in Ted Show

Charly Jordan plays Shiela Borgwort in Seth MacFarlane’s latest series Ted.

Peacock’s Ted tells the tale of a boy and his bear. Only this is no ordinary bear, he is the swear-happy Ted from creator Seth MacFarlane’s two popular movies of the same name.

The 1990s-set prequel show centers around Ted and John Bennett‘s high school days.

6 Facts About Ted's Charly Jordan

Charly Jordan in Ted series

Here are six things about model, DJ, and Ted star Charly Jordan that her fans might be interested to find out:

Charly Jordan Originally Wanted To Be an Athlete

When she was younger, Jordan, born on March 9, 1999, initially set her sights on a career in the world of sports and athletics, with a focus on running (via Basic Magazine):

"Yes! It’s crazy with sports, especially because I am a runner. It’s extremely beat and pace oriented, so music was always such a big part of sports for me and it all ended up playing out together. I kind of always have a song in mind and it goes hand-in hand with sports. I still run today. Being active is super important to me, especially when I’m on the road and touring so often.'

Even though she ultimately pursued a different path, Jordan, who was born in Las Vegas and stands at 5’9”, still found a use for the "discipline" instilled in her through sports:

"I feel like the discipline in sports really carried over in that because touring itself is such a hectic and intense process. I really loved music growing up, but realistically, becoming a musician is a pretty big goal to have. It just never felt like it could be a part of the cards for me, especially while growing up Mormon. It’s ironic being raised Mormon in Sin City."

Charly Transitioned From Social Media Influencer to DJ

In an interview with Numéro, Charly Jordan discussed how attending the EDC music festival served as a "turning point" for her in her musical endeavors. This is when she decided to further focus on her work as a DJ:

"I’ve always had a passion for music and being from Las Vegas I grew up around some of the best musicians in the world. When I attended EDC Las Vegas for the first time, that was really a turning point for me in my music career. I was very inspired. As I got older, I found ways to merge my two passions together and create music videos to go hand in hand with my music."

Her success in this field has enabled her to headline for big-time artists like Calvin Harris And Tiesto. Jordan commented that this felt “super surreal” to her, especially when taking into account that not many female DJs can boast as much as she can:

"It’s honestly super surreal and I’m so grateful. Beyond grateful. I just try to make the best of every moment and enjoy the people and do my best. I’ve been a resident at Zouk for two years and I’m so excited to go into my third year."

Charly Was a Big Family Guy Fan Before Being Cast in Ted

Playing the character of Shiela Borgwart in Ted is Jordan’s very first acting role. According to the actress, she grew up watching Ted creator Seth MacFarlane’s most famous work, the irreverent, screwball animated comedy Family Guy.

As it turned out, McFarlane reached out to her through a mutual friend and asked her if she wanted to act in Ted (via Popternative): 

"I grew up watching Family Guy [and] American Dad! […] I am a huge fan of [Seth MacFarlane]. [Seth] reached out to one of my mutual friends and saw I had a show on YouTube for 2 years called The Smoke Roses Show, and I also have my own cannabis company, so there’s not a lot of females that are open about smoking cannabis. So he reached out to me and I also had an interest in acting, I had been in front of the camera a lot but never had any vocal roles so he took a huge chance on me which I’m super thankful for."

Charly Is Part of the LGBTQ+ Community

Charly Jordan is pansexual and as she remarked to Numéro, she shot the music video for her 2023 single “No Longer Mine” to specifically highlight this:

"Throughout my entire career I’ve always been paired up with men, because I was told that it’s ‘typically’ what people wanted to see. I don’t think the way you look should determine what people want to see from you. My sexuality has always been separate from my music, so I finally decided to show it off. I’m actually pansexual, so I see all humans as the same."

Despite this, she stated that her fans’ focus shouldn’t solely be placed on her sexual orientation, because, as she put it, "a person is a person, regardless of gender:"

"The focus isn’t supposed to be about my sexuality. The point is to show that a person is a person, regardless of gender. The montage of me kissing different men and then women should feel almost exactly the same, which I feel like we did really well."

Charly Is a CEO of TWO Companies

At the age of 24, Jordan is the CEO of two separate companies, Smoke Roses and a jewelry business called Beauty in Pain. She noted that these two ventures have represented "such a journey" for her:

"Smoke Roses and Beauty in Pain have been such a journey for me. Smoke Roses was my first company, where I created organic rolling papers that range from rose petal papers to goji berry papers. ‘Beauty in Pain’ is my second brand, where I created beautiful, stainless steel jewelry based off my own tattoos that I drew myself. ’Beauty in Pain’ has evolved into other designs since we started and I hope to grow the brand past jewelry very soon."

Jordan has placed special emphasis on both brands’ power to promote mental health and build communities:

"Both brands are focused on mental health and work towards building communities where people can feel safe to share their story or ask for help. Both companies are amazing side projects to put my creativity into and to actually create products that represent what I feel."

She also remarked to Basic Magazine that Beauty in Pain especially is "an extension" of her:

"So, creating Beauty in Pain is an extension of me. Beauty in Pain is jewelry that I wear and focuses on mental health. I really wanted to put out original products and create a community around my brand. It’s the community and open conversations around mental health that mean a lot to me."

Charly Works with Several Charities — And Wants to Start Her Own

Charly Jordan is something of a philanthropist and works alongside several established charities. She even has ambitions of one day starting a charitable organization (via Forbes):

"One day, I want to start my own charity, which I’ve been looking into for a while. But, for now, because I have so much going on within my music career, I’m just looking to partner up with different charities."

The existing charities Jordan is a part of include Operation Underground Railroad, which seeks to put a stop to sex trafficking:

"I’ve spoken to several charities. I’ve worked consistently with Operation Underground Railroad, a sex trafficking organization in Utah. It’s ex-Navy seals that go and prevent sex trafficking. I’m just trying to donate to that right now. For example, on Valentine’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Day, we’re making sales to donate portions of the income to those different charities. I’m looking to set up a charitable fund where no matter what sale, it’ll be in a portion of all sales going towards Operation Underground Railroad."

She additionally expressed a strong desire to help out with environmental conservation, noting that it may become the subject of the charity she wants to found:

“I want to get back and make a difference money-wise and then hopefully, down the line, start my own charitable and make my own trips and do my own, especially environmental conservation.”

Charly Jordan can be found on a multitude of social media platforms. These include Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter)

All seven episodes of Ted can be streamed exclusively on Peacock.

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