Why Captain Marvel 2 Got Delayed Revealed by New Report

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The recent delay to the Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels, has come as a disappointment to many MCU fans, but a new report has revealed that there may be a silver lining to this unfortunate news.

The Marvels was the latest Phase 5 delay and will likely not be the last. The superhero powerhouse seems to be undergoing some quality control measures after the less-than-ideal reception to Phase 4, which Marvel was keen to correct going forward.

The Captain Marvel sequel, however, does not come as a surprise. The project is set to be packed full of "madness," and while it already had a period of reshoots in late 2022, there was a second set in January 2023 to try and make it "as good as possible."

Good Reason for Captain Marvel 2 Delay

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A new report by The Wrap suggested that the recent delay for The Marvels may signal the MCU trying to fix some of its more glaring issues.

Set for a release in late July 2023, Disney pushed The Marvels into a fall release window, moving the highly anticipated Captain Marvel sequel to November 10. This is the second delay for the movie.

In its place, it has brought forward the release of Justin Simien's Haunted Mansion film, a project based on the popular Disney parks attraction.

According to studio insiders, this move is because Marvel Studios wanted to give more time to the post-production process for The Marvels, likely allowing for more time to improve upon the VFX of the film.

It was assumed that The Marvels' long filming schedule would cause a delay as well as Disney not wanting a nine-month gap between MCU films. As fans will know, Captain America: New World Order does not release until May 2024.

Instead, it seems that Marvel may be honoring its word and taking action to improve its relationship with the VFX artists that make its films possible.

Why the Captain Marvel Delay Is Significant

In recent years, the MCU has hugely increased its output, which hasn't been a popular move amongst fans and artists working on each release.

Last year, VFX artists slammed Marvel Studios as awful to work for and even pushed many to leave the VFX industry altogether. 

Former VFX artist Dhruv Govil shared that he had seen "way too many colleagues break down after being overworked, while Marvel tightens the purse strings."

Other VFX artists chimed in, saying they were "sick of working on Marvel shows" and that the experience has never been enjoyable, even in the earliest days of the MCU. 

Since the controversy broke, Marvel Studios claimed that it would change its ways and take action to improve the standards and address the problems that VFX houses are facing under the strain of its CGI-heavy output.

Even beyond VFX working conditions, many projects have come under fire from fans and moviegoers, including Marvel Studios' most recent release, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

Now, it seems that the delay to The Marvels could mean that the MCU is further proof that the studio is meeting its goal, and that's good news for everyone. 

With the amount of profit and investment that Marvel Studios has, it could easily be a leading figure in the VFX industry, and Disney proved that it is willing to put in the time and effort with Avatar: The Way of the Water offering some of the most stunning visuals in cinema history.

Time will tell just how much the MCU is willing to invest into its CGI, but with any luck, The Marvels has time to become a visual treat if the studio truly wants to improve its reputation and the lives of the hardworking artists behind each release.

The Marvels is set to premiere in theaters on November 10.

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