Why Is Bluey So Popular? The 6 Main Reasons for the Show's Success

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As Bluey grows in popularity, those unfamiliar with the series have started to question why the animated kids' show has seen so much success. 

Created for Australia's ABC Kids network, Bluey is now an international sensation, finding success on Disney+ and ABC stateside and earning such accolades as a Peabody Award in 2024.

The children's series has found a perfect middle ground across its three seasons, teaching preschoolers valuable life lessons while still being engaging for the adult sitting next to their toddler on the couch. 

ABC Kids

One of Bluey’s biggest draws has been its ability to engage young and old audiences with its heartfelt storytelling. 

While the series is targeted at toddlers and preschool-age children with the adventures of Bluey and his little sister Dingo, every episode features some sort of storyline featuring the parents as well. 

And the parent-focused narrative threads are not surface-level by any means. Just as young kids will take away lessons from the hit animated series, so will adults. 

Its charm is instantly endearing because of this, making some older viewers tune in even without having a small child in their lives. 

Relatable Parenting Problems

For those parents watching Bluey at home with their kids, the series is as targeted at them as it is to its younger viewers. 

Bluey is not afraid to tackle hard subjects that parents deal with like the loss of a pregnancy, infertility, and the emotional/social burden having children can put on a new parent. 

And it is just not these heavy storylines that offer a level of relatability for parents watching. According to critics, the show does a fantastic job of showing what parenting in the 21st century looks like, opening the dialogue between parents and children on a myriad subjects. 

Pop Culture References

Bluey also is not afraid to include small Easter eggs referencing pop culture and the world around it across its three (soon to be four) seasons. 

This included everything from set pieces resembling beloved blockbusters like Indiana Jones or Lord of the Rings to video games like Double Dragon, or music like Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."

These references are yet another example of why the series is so popular across generations. While some kids might pick up on a few of them, most of these cultural touchstones are meant to connect with the parents watching. 

Critical Acclaim

Bluey is one of the best-reviewed TV shows going (not just including children's series). 

All three seasons of the show have earned near-universal acclaim. Only a few years after its debut in 2018, publications like The Rolling Stone have started to include it on their lists of the greatest sitcoms ever (Bluey sits at 96 on The Rolling Stone's 100 Best Sitcoms of All Time list). 

The Australian children's series has gone on to earn many awards and accolades for its charming depiction of modern-day family life. This includes consideration for a Peabody Award in 2024, an honor that highlights "excellence in storytelling that reflects the social issues and the emerging voices of our day" (per the Peabody Awards official website).

Celebrity Guest Stars

Given Bluey's immediate success, the series has drawn the attention of several A-list celebrities, some of whom have appeared as guest stars. 

These guest stars have become a major factor in the series' success as the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rose Byrne, and Natalie Portman among others have popped up for an episode here and there. 

As the Bluey star continues to rise, surely even more big names will appear as special celebrity guest stars going forward. 

Bite-Sized Episodes

One of the biggest draws to the Bluey series is its bite-sized format. Episodes traditionally run seven minutes (with a few exceptions) instead of the usual 22 minutes of most sitcoms. 

This is the perfect digestible episode length for young kids who typically do not have the longest attention spans. 

It also makes getting a full front-to-back story incredibly easy, with every episode tackling a different adventure. In a world where screen time is being monitored more and more among young kids, Bluey respects that with its pup-sized stories. 

Bluey Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Disney+. 

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