Florence Pugh's Unused Hawkeye Costume Features a Black Widow Logo (Photos)

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2021 was a fantastic year for Marvel Studios. Not only did it bring a massive amount of content, but it expanded the universe and introduced countless new faces to the MCU. WandaVision started Monica Rambaue’s journey. Loki gave fans a glimpse at Kang the Conqueror. What If…? showed everyone The Watcher. Hawkeye brought Kate Bishop into the equation— but that’s not even everybody. In fact, it doesn’t include the person who is almost certainly the clear fan-favorite: Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova.

Pugh’s Black Widow was introduced in Scarlet Johansson’s solo film last July, and ever since, viewers have fallen in love with her. While tragic, the actress’ comedic timing and personality are perfect, which brings just the right amount of levity to her harrowing origins.

Her most recent appearance was in Hawkeye, where she meets Hailee Steinfeld’s, Kate Bishop. The moment the two first shared the screen, sparks were flying. Their dynamic is absolutely incredible, and it's something many people hope to see much more of in the future.

Yelena’s very first moments on screen had the hero in a very unique, green-eyed getup, which was reminiscent of one of her classic comic attires. Besides that, though, her costumes never really had a personal flare—besides her killer fashion sense.

New concept art has been revealed that shows an alternate suit for Yelena that would have struck the hearts of fans across the world.

Yelena Remembers Black Widow

Concept artist Josh Nizzi has revealed a brand-new outfit that Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova almost wore during her appearance in Marvel Studios' Hawkeye Disney+ series.

Alongside the photos, the artist explained the mindset behind the alternate outfit, describing the intention to be Yelena "taking up the mantle of Black Widow."

"This version of Yelena was about her taking up the mantle of Black Widow - more custom and sleek. I think it was almost used before things shifted."

The first photo shows off the olive green outfit in full, giving the feel of the jacket she once so loved:

Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

On closer inspection, the middle of the uniform sports Natasha Romanoff's Black Widow symbol:

Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

From the back of the outfit, it looks fairly simple, and not much different from what one might expect out of a tactical uniform:

Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova, Hawkeye

The end of her sleeves once again show off the Romanoff inspirations, and her hair is back in a bun:

Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Pugh's final outfit doesn't look like a canned concept in the slightest and almost comes across as more casual wear:

Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios


A Glimpse Of Future Design Choices?

The idea of Yelena embroidering the Black Widow symbol on her costume is fantastic, especially with it so clearly seen. Choosing to immortalize her sister’s legacy in her work is a really personal and touching thought for the hero to have.

It’s such a fitting idea that it’s interesting how they left it out. The very concept rings true with not only Yelena’s reverence of her sister, but also with her being out on a mission to kill the man she thinks is responsible for Natasha’s death.

Could Marvel be saving putting that logo on Yelena’s attire for something specific in the future? It’s pretty easy to picture Yelena in a Natasha-inspired Black Widow suit with the Belova flare to it. It’s probably a safe bet Marvel has had those same thoughts.

These aren't the first concepts Nizzi has revealed, as he also revealed a neat one with Yelena sporting a fancy cape. It's always great to see what could have been, so hopefully the artist continues sharing.

Hawkeye is streaming on Disney.

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