Vin Diesel Avatar 3 Casting Debunked by Producer, Says Vin Was "Taken Out of Context"

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Avatar 3 Vin Diesel Casting

Vin Diesel caused a stir when he teased his involvement in the Avatar franchise after a trip to the set of Avatar: The Way of Water. Finally, Avatar 3 producer Jon Ladau has put those rumors to rest.

Vin Diesel Will Not Join The Avatar Franchise

In a new interview with Empire, Avatar 3 producer Jon Ladau spoke up about Diesel's Avatar tease in 2019. 

A video posted to Diesel's Instagram strongly hinted at the Fast and Furious star's involvement in the numerous Avatar sequels that Cameron has planned.

However, the producer has since clarified that while "Vin was a fan" of the franchise, he hasn't bagged himself a role in the sci-fi epic. 

Instead, the actor visited the set and "[saw] what [they] were doing," and his story was taken out of context. 

Of course, fans aren't just to blame, as the star had arguably added to the speculation, having once said that he would love to work with Cameron and adding that "all things come to those who wait."

For now, though, it seems the star is not en route to Pandora anytime soon.

Vin Diesel next to director James Cameron
Vin Diesel

Beyond the Diesel talk, the producer also shed some light on how self-contained stories will fit into the more expansive Avatar franchise. 

Ladau hopes that while each film will "come to its own conclusion," each installment will still make audiences invested more in the characters and thus drive the story forward.

The franchise is very character-driven, and the producer has confirmed that the Sully family will remain the central figures of the franchise, with each movie fleshing the universe and overarching story out "one-quarter saga at a time."

Avatar: Who Is Joining the Sci-fi Epic?

While Groot actor Vin Diesel may not be joining the sci-fi epic anytime soon, that doesn't mean Cameron's sequels won't be packed full of fresh faces.

Game of Thrones actor Oona Chaplin has already been confirmed to debut in Avatar 3, and according to rumors, she is also set to star in Avatar 4 and 5. So far, fans only know that the character is strong and vibrant and is set to be prominent in the sequels.

Other actors will join Chaplin, such as David Thewlis and Michelle Yeoh. Thewlis will be known to DC fans as the actor appeared as Ares in Wonder Woman (2017).

The actor clarified his involvement in 2020 and confirmed he would be playing a Na'vi. He has cited Avatar as something unlike anything he has worked on before. 

Michelle Yeoh will also be joining the cast. Yeoh is set to play a human, Dr. Karina Mogue, although much like Thewlis and Chaplin's characters, information about Yeoh's role is sparse.  

Avatar: The Way of the Water is now playing in cinemas worldwide.

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