What Happened to Aubreigh Paige Wyatt? Her Death & Bullying Lawsuit, Explained

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Aubreigh Wyatt

13-year-old Aubreigh Wyatt passed away in 2023, and her death has been widely discussed across TikTok and social media. But what led to her tragic suicide, and what are the latest updates on the bullying lawsuit surrounding it?

How Did Aubreigh Wyatt Die?

Aubreigh Wyatt with mother Heather Wyatt
Aubreigh Wyatt with mother Heather Wyatt

Residing in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Aubreigh Paige Wyatt was born on March 17, 2010 and tragically died on September 4, 2023 from suicide.

The Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home posted her obituary and told how she was a "straight A student" in the 8th grade at Ocean Springs Middle School, calling her an "amazing daughter, sister, and friend."

It noted her love for "the beach, her friends, gymnastics, riding four-wheelers, and making TikToks:"

"She loved the beach, her friends, gymnastics, riding four wheelers and making TikToks. Aubreigh was well known and loved in the community, especially for her outgoing and bubbly personality."

The obituary noted some of her surviving loved ones, including her mother, grandfather, siblings, and "beloved cat, Zeus:"

"Aubreigh’s survivors include her mother, Heather Wyatt; her sister, Taylor Wyatt; her brother, Ryker Woods; her grandfather, Carey Wyatt; her beloved cat, Zeus; and numerous family members and friends."

Aubreigh's mother, Heather Wyatt, told on TikTok (via The Sun Herald) how her daughter showed no signs of being suicidal and, even the night before, was planning the Christmas gifts she wanted for just a few months later.

Aubreigh Wyatt's Mother Responds to Daughter's Suicide

Since her passing, Heather Wyatt has begun a mission to stop the bullying in and out of school which led to her daughter's tragic suicide.

An article from The Sun Herald discussing the campaign noted how Heather found Aubreigh dead in her room on 2023's Labor Day morning (Monday, September 4).

The outlet called Aubreigh "popular, smart, kind, and beautiful," noting how she had a close group of friends but endured bullying by a "small number of girls, mostly girls" across social media and at school.

Heather Wyatt has been open about her daughter's experiences and loss on TikTok and Instagram and has raised over 900,000 and 12,000 followers on the two social media platforms, respectively.

Heather also formed the Aubreigh Wyatt Foundation to raise awareness and support programs for teen suicide, bullying, and mental health. A t-shirt fundraiser from Dash Forward sold merchandise branded with "#LivelikeAubreigh" and has raised $11,341.40 for the foundation as of June 27.

Heather told The Sun Herald how Heather's death affected so many because she was the "girl next door" and encouraged people to "check in on everyone:" 

“I think Aubrey did affect so many people because it became like, ‘OK, wait, this is the girl next door. This is the girl that’s friends with everyone. This is the girl that is sociable and liked. What went wrong? Maybe we need to check in on everyone. And not just the kid sitting at the lunch table alone.”

Additionally, Heather started a GoFundMe campaign to raise legal fees in the lawsuit surrounding the bullying as they "strive for justice and accountability:"

"However, as we strive for justice and accountability, we have encountered a significant financial obstacle. Additional unexpected costs associated with legal proceedings - from filing fees to consultations, and various other legal aspects have accumulated rapidly and will continue to do so. Additionally, there are new updates in this situation that require further litigation."

Aubreigh Wyatt's Bullying Lawsuit Explained

A report from The Sun Herald detailed the Wyatt family's mission for justice and ongoing lawsuit after Aubreigh's suicide in September 2023.

A law firm in Gulfport, Mississippi was stated to be investigating potential liability in the death of Aubreigh Wyatt. Davis & Crump attorney Trevor Rockstad expressed a desire to uncover who allowed the "horrific harassment and bullying" to continue for so long and hold them accountable with a lawsuit:

"We’re still investigating but, from what we’ve seen, Aubreigh was the victim of some pretty horrific harassment and bullying over the last several years, really." 

The Ocean Springs Police Department is also investigating the events leading to Aubreigh's death and has begun examining her phone records. The Wyatt family is said to be seeking justice with both criminal and civil action.

In a The Sun Herald article cited earlier, school superintendent Mike Lindsey stated he could not comment on the specifics of the bullying claims but noted that the district “continues to extend its deepest condolences and support to the Wyatt family.”

He added that the school had permitted student memorials provided they met district guidelines. Lindsey added the mission "to ensure equitable treatment for all students, be respectful of the family and friends, and maintain an environment conducive to learning."

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