Who Is Andrea Ellsworth? 3 Things to Know About Vince Staples Show Actress

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Andrea Ellsworth in Vince Staples Show

Here's everything fans need to know about Andrea Ellsworth, whose latest credit is in The Vince Staples Show on Netflix.

Ellsworth took the spotlight in Vince Staples' new self-titled program on Netflix, which dives into his psyche via a limited satirical show that puts Staples' life in Long Beach, California in a new light.

According to her resume, the Los Angeles native is a talented rapper and singer, and she is also multilingual as she speaks English, French, and Spanish.

3 Things to Know About The Vince Staples Show's Andrea Ellsworth

Andrea Ellsworth at The Vince Staples Show red carpet premiere

Andrea's Filmmaking Talents Go Beyond Acting

Outside of acting, singing, and rapping, Andrea has delved into numerous aspects of the filmmaking process. She was credited as a writer on the short film The Dispute. She also stepped in front of the camera as one of the stars of that film.

The film focuses on two best friends from the South Central area of Los Angeles who fantasize about living a lavish lifestyle when a pre-approval level for a credit card with no spending limit arrives in the mail.

On her Instagram page, she celebrated the film's release after it debuted in 2019, hyping its "fashion week premiere" and thanking fans for the support she and her team got:

"our baby makes it’s lil fashion week premiere on 'Short of the Week' today & was recently Vimeo staff picked... the support and recognition we continue to receive for this is so encouraging. i swear we’re quietly making a movie lolol thank you @chinagammell @mwill_87@voicemailsonly our riders"

The video can be watched in full on Vimeo.

Along with The Vince Staples Show, Ellsworth boasts several other credits as seen on her IMDb page.

Her biggest recent role comes in Season 6 of Shameless in 2016, playing the character Didi alongside Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy for an eight-episode run.

On top of that series, Ellsworth is credited for single-episode appearances in numerous other major TV programs, including Victorious, Ramy, The Mindy Project, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

The Vince Staples Show is Andrea's Biggest Role Yet

Although Ellsworth has been on the Hollywood scene for over a decade, her portrayal of Deja in The Vince Staples Show is the largest role of her career to date.

In this series, Ellsworth's Deja is Vince Staples' love interest as the couple is seen living together throughout the entire series.

Deja does her best to support her man in his endeavors as they live a crazy life in Long Beach, California, checking on how he's doing as fans see the couple get into some wild and unexpected situations.

Outside of Staples himself, Ellsworth boasts more appearances than any of her other co-stars, credited for her role in four of the limited series' five episodes.

How To Follow Andrea Ellsworth on Social Media

Fans can follow Andrea Ellsworth on Instagram.

The Vince Staples Show is streaming now on Netflix.

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