Allison Parliament Death: Duck Duck Jeep Founder Dies Unexpectedly

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Allison Parliament, Rubber ducks on jeep

Allison Parliament's death shocks the world as fans mourn the Duck Duck Jeep founder's passing and legacy.

Allison Parliament Passes Away

Allison Parliament
Allison Parliament

The family of Duck Duck Jeep movement founder Allison Parliament announced her tragic passing on June 22, 2024 in a post on Facebook.

The Parliament family's post praised her impact on the Jeep community as "profound," noting how she spread "kindness and joy through her simple yet powerful initiative."

The family also urged fans to "flood Facebook with images of their ducks" to honor Allison's memory after her death.

It is with deep sadness that we, on behalf of the Parliament family, announce the passing of Allison Parliament, the beloved founder of the #DuckDuckJeep movement, today.

Allison's impact on the Jeep community worldwide was profound, spreading kindness and joy through her simple yet powerful initiative. Her vision brought smiles and created connections among Jeep enthusiasts around the globe, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

In honor of Allison's legacy, her family has requested that everyone flood Facebook with images of their ducks tomorrow. Let us come together to celebrate the kindness she inspired and the community she built.

The family has asked for privacy as they mourn the loss of Allison. We will provide more information here as the family requests, but as this is a fresh and difficult time for all, this is all the information we have at this moment.

How Did Allison Parliament Die?

As of writing, the cause of death has not been confirmed, although her passing was unexpected. As recently as June 20, Parliament was seen posting plans for new pieces of merchandise from her company on Facebook.

What Is Allison Parliament's Duck Duck Jeep Movement?

Allison Parliament is best known for starting the Duck Duck Jeep movement, a gesture seen between Jeep owners who leave rubber ducks on each others' dashboards as something fun to do.

She had a frightening physical encounter with someone in 2020 in her home country, Canada, before buying a yellow rubber duck and putting it on somebody else's Jeep to brighten their day. The owner caught her doing it and smiled when it happened, wanting to put it on social media before the trend exploded.

Now, the movement is an entity all its own as Jeep owners worldwide continue to put rubber ducks on each other's vehicles. The trend spread across the United States and into dozens of other countries.

Duck Duck Jeep (also known as Jeep Ducking) is officially recognized by Jeep and boasts over 77,000 followers on Facebook, as reported by Quadratec.

The movement even got so big that it was incorporated into the North American International Auto Show in 2022 with a massive 61-foot-tall inflatable rubber duck, which was dubbed the world's largest ever. 

It was seen outside Detroit, Michigan's Huntington Place convention center (per The Detroit News). Fans recognized this gesture as a tribute to the Jeep Ducking movement started by Allison Parliament.

The Direct sends its condolences to Allison Parliament's family and friends, along with the entire Jeep community, during this difficult time.

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