God of War Director Cory Barlog Reacts To Fortnite's Kratos Skin Reveal

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Kratos in God of War and Fortnite

This has been a huge week for Fortnite. The Marvel-themed season 4 — Nexus War — came to a close with the epic Galactus fight event taking place that led directly into the beginning of season 5 — Zero Point — this week. Thus far, season 5 has brought a variety of skins following the theme of “great hunters,” including the introduction of T he Mandalorian himself , straight from his Star Wars Disney+ series.

Earlier this week, a leak circulated around the Fortnite community which seemingly showed God of War 's lead character, Kratos, inside the world of Fortnite with his own cosmetic skin.

At the initial time of writing, it was unclear the specific details behind the partnership with PlayStation to bring the skin to reality, but now everything has finally become clear...


God of War 's Kratos, has become the latest of the “great hunter” themed characters to join the world of Fortnite — following the addition of The Mandalorian earlier this week — as his skin bundle has been added to the item shop.

The skin comes at a cost of 2,200 V-Bucks and is bundled with the Mimir decapitated gods head back bling, leviathan axe harvesting tool, guardian shield glider, and freezing burst emote. Each of these items is also available separately, however, would cost a total of 3,300 V-Bucks to buy individually.

There is a catch, however, which does provide a special bonus for PlayStation users who pick up the skin while it's available in the item shop. Completing a match with the Kratos skin equipped on PS5 will unlock an exclusive armored Kratos style, not available on other platforms.

A cinematic trailer released by Epic Games showcases Kratos' introduction into the world of Fortnite:

Following this announcement, a tweet from Cory Barlog — the creative director behind the God of War titles — reacted to this announcement with great excitement and joy to have worked with the Epic Games team.


For God of War fans, many will be excited to see this wasn't just a simple corporate greed-driven crossover and instead Cory Barlog — the man behind God of War — actually took a great involvement in crafting Kratos for this new world.

This is extremely early in the season to already be seeing the introduction of yet another major crossover into the Fortnite world. After just wrapping up a several month-long period of an entirely Marvel-theme season and now having introduced The Mandalorian and Kratos into the mix, Fortnite is really turning into the Super Smash Bros of pop culture.

While plenty of “OG” Fortnite fans will be disappointed to see the title shifting its focus from original content to crossovers, Epic has likely made this decision due to massively increased player engagement through these crossover periods.

Images leaked earlier in the week revealed a look at a full Master Chief bundle, straight from the Halo franchise, which will seemingly be coming to the game soon.

As of now, there is no indication of when the bundle is set to release, but it will include the Master Chief skin, UNSC Pelican glider, gravity hammer harvesting tool, and the Lil' Warthog emote.

Based on what happened with the release of the Kratos skin, it's likely the Master Chief bundle will be added to the item shop as a purchasable bundle soon with an additional style likely available exclusively on the Xbox Series X.

Fortnite can be downloaded now for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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