Zombieland 3: Will It Ever Release?

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Zombieland 3 offers an opportunity for its cast and crew to explore the possibility of returning for another sequel. 

Zombieland revolves around a college student who survived the zombie apocalypse by following a strict set of rules. Along the way, he meets three strangers who eventually become his family in the rabid world of the undead. 

The movie features a core ensemble led by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. The first movie explores the cross-country road trip of the four survivors as they try to find a new home. 

In its sequel titled Zombieland: Double Tap, the lead survivors encounter other factions and evolved zombies in the search for one of their own.

Zombieland premiered in theaters on October 2, 2009, while Double Tap was released on October 18, 2019.

Is Zombieland 3 in the Works?

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There's no official word yet if Zombieland 3 is in the cards, but interviews from the cast and its director may shed some light on the possibility of seeing the threequel. 

It took a decade for Zombieland: Double Tap to arrive in theaters, and it seems that director Ruben Fleischer wants to keep that tradition for the follow-up. 

Speaking with Discussing Film in February 2022, Fleischer expressed interest in returning for Zombieland 3, teasing that it could be released sometime in 2029: 

"We joked that it should be every 10 years because the second movie was 10 years, almost to the day, from the first. I like the notion that maybe in 2029, we’ll get to go back to that world with those people who would certainly be fun to see. You know, what are they up to with that much time passed?"

The filmmaker then said that Emma Stone, who plays Wichita in the films, was the one who "suggested doing one of these every 10 years."

Fleischer ended by pointing out that a threequel can be made as long as "there's a desire for it" and the cast is willing to come back: 

"Emma [Stone] was the one who actually suggested doing one of these every 10 years. She made the joke that we can literally do it forever because Woody [Harrelson] is gonna outlive us all. Because he’s vegan, he’ll be around longer than any of us (laughs). So as long as there’s a desire for it and the cast is up for it, I mean, it’s the greatest experience of my career. I’d be thrilled to reunite with those guys."

Woody Harrelson later echoed Fleischer's sentiments about returning for Zombieland 3

In an interview with Screen Rant in September 2021, Harrelson said that he's "open" to returning because he loves the cast and crew: 

"I haven't heard anything about it from many of the creative elements. I would love to do it because I just love those guys. That whole group is really... That's a singularly wonderful, fun, amazingly funny group of people. So what I'm saying is I'm open to it. And Ash, if there's anything you can do to make it happen, I would be most grateful."

Zombieland newcomer Zoey Deutsch, who appeared as Madison in Double Tap, also mentioned her willingness to return for a third movie when speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in July 2022:

“I would love to put the ‘Von Deutch’ attire back on, for lack of a better pun. That experience was so fun, and I’ve been begging Ruben [Fleischer] to put me in a movie of his again. But yeah, I would love to play Madison again. She’s such a character.”

Aside from the cast and director's excitement for a potential return, the financial success is also looking good if Columbia Pictures decides to create another entry in the Zombieland franchise. 

2009's Zombieland earned 102.3 million at the worldwide box office with a budget of $24 million. Meanwhile, Zombieland: Double Tap pulled in $122 million at the box office. 

These numbers show that there is still interest from fans, and this could potentially translate to an official Zombieland 3 announcement down the line.

What Could Happen in Zombieland 3?

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There are many ways for the story to continue in Zombieland 3 as the core group of characters was still alive by the end of the sequel. 

In fact, Zombieland and Zombieland: Double Tap director Ruben Fleischer already has an idea in mind if a threequel happens. 

In an interview with MovieWeb in October 2019, the filmmaker said that exploring other parts of the world could be "exciting" for Zombieland 3, with him even mentioning the likes of Hawaii and Turks and Caicos as potential new locations: 

"One idea that was brought up that I think would be cool is seeing what's going on in other parts of the world, which would be exciting for me. Let's imagine the movie beginning with them all getting off a boat and landing someplace and seeing what that's like. You know, just not shooting me in Atlanta again. Hawaii sounds nice this time of year... nights in February in Atlanta are really cold. I wouldn't be made to see what's going on in Turks and Caicos. What their zombie virus was."

Seeing the four main Zombieland survivors in another location offers exciting new storytelling opportunities. 

At the end of Double Tap, Rosario Dawson's Nevada joined the group as Tallahassee's (Harrelson) new love interest, meaning only Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) has no romantic partner. 

It's possible that Little Rock will become desperate to find love and jealous of the fact that her sister and her friends already found theirs. 

Instead of running away again, Little Rock could convince the group to find a new home, potentially in a new country outside of the United States. Doing this would fulfill Fleischer's wish to explore other parts of the world while still maintaining the core cast.

Zombieland and Zombieland: Double Tap are available for purchase on major digital platforms.

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