Marvel Celebrates Tom Holland’s Peter Parker & Ned with New MCU Spider-Man Figures

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Spider-Man Homecoming, Ned, Peter Parker

With a full trilogy of films under his belt, plus additional appearances in other characters' movies, Tom Holland's Spider-Man has managed to capture the hearts of millions of fans. One of the most wholesome part of his movies is his friendship with classmate and "guy in the chair" Ned Leeds, who serves as Peter's trusted confidante with his duties as the web-slinging hero.

Of course, presently in the MCU, Ned has no idea who Peter Parker actually is, having had his mind wiped along with the rest of the world by Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Hasbro has been kicking things into gear lately with its MCU-themed Marvel Legends action figure offerings. The company recently showed a full wave of figures based upon the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder and has also been trickling out new characters from the MCU Disney+ series.

Now, a new bundle has been revealed based on Spider-Man: Homecoming's best bud duo.

Peter and Ned, Together Again

During Hasbro's most recent "Fan First" livestream, the toy company unveiled a brand-new two-pack of figures based on 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming, which includes Peter Parker and his best friend, Ned Leeds. 

The Ned and Peter figures will go up for pre-order on Wednesday, April 20 and should arrive sometime later this year.

The boxed set features brand new sculpting and authentic likenesses of actors Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon:

Marvel Legends Peter and Ned figures

The Peter figure comes complete with a backpack and a school textbook:

Marvel Legends Peter Parker figure

Ned is packed with a backpack and an alternate, swappable head to recreate the scene in Homecoming where he tries on Peter's Spider-Man mask:

Marvel Legends Ned Leeds figure

Hasbro is reportedly testing out a newer, closed-box style of packaging with Marvel Legends. It doesn't enable anyone to see the contents until they've already opened the box. This two-pack will be one of the first offerings to feature this new design:

Marvel Legends Peter and Ned figure two-pack

Finally, viewers can take a look at the two figures alongside all of their included accessories:

Marvel Legends Peter and Ned figures


Marvel Legends Continues Its Streak

As mentioned above, the gears have started turning again with regards to MCU Marvel Legends items. There was a period of slowness in between the figures released for Spider-Man: No Way Home and the wave for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which hit shelves in March 2022.

But now, with this Homecoming set, the new Disney+ focused figures and the series for Thor: Love and Thunder (the latter of which will be available for purchase Tuesday, April 26), and more to come, fans should expect a deluge of new figures to add to their collections.

As for where the MCU will take Peter and Ned's fan-favorite friendship after Spider-Man: No Way Home, only time will tell, but a fourth Tom Holland Spider-Man film is in active development.

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