Is a 'They Are Here to Stay' Movie Releasing In 2024 With Jeff Goldblum? New Speculation Explained

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Jeff Goldblum, they are here to stay

Will fan-favorite actor Jeff Goldblum star in a new movie called They Are Here to Stay, or are things not quite as they seem?

The always delightful Jeff Goldblum has made a name for himself over the decades by bringing a wide variety of often-quirky characters to life. From Jurassic Park to Thor: Ragnarok to The Fly, it’s hard to argue that Goldblum hasn’t made his very unique mark on Hollywood.

What Is 'They Are Here to Stay' With Jeff Goldblum?

Jeff Goldblum on a They Are Here to Stay Poster
They Are Here to Stay

A cryptic ad campaign has been making the rounds on the internet as of late with Jeff Goldblum’s likeness attached to it. 

The hashtag #theyareheretostay has cropped up online alongside various social media pages with the same title, and even a website:

When users go to the site, they are presented with a countdown timer, and that’s where the mystery starts to become clearer. The timer is ticking down to the Super Bowl LVIII, meaning this They Are Here to Stay business is viral marketing.

But They Are Here to Stay is not a big-budget blockbuster movie, as one might be led to believe. Instead, it’s seemingly meant to spread the word about, the service that assists potential renters in finding their new homes.

Brad Bellflower, the character that Goldblum plays in the company’s commercials, is expected to take up some airtime during the big game in order to advertise the website.

Goldblum has played Brad Bellflower for many times and the marketing campaign featuring him has been running for the past decade.

Where Can Jeff Goldblum Really Be Seen Next?

Jeff Goldblum certainly keeps busy. The very prolific performer always seems to have his fingers in a lot of pies.

His most recent feature film appearance was in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City. And he’ll next be seen in both Wicked Parts One and Two, portraying none other than the Wizard of Oz himself.

Moreover, he’ll very likely continue popping up as Brad Bellflower in’s broadcast commercials.

Goldblum is also a virtuoso jazz pianist and he often goes on tour, dazzling audiences by tickling the ivories.

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