Star Wars: Republic Commando Debuts New Launch Trailer For Release

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Star Wars Republic Commando background

Back in 2005, Lucasfilms Games released Star Wars: Republic Commando . It was a rare breed of Star Wars that didn't focus on the Jedi's. Instead, the game focused on an elite squad of clone troopers–the Clone Commandos.

Centered on Delta Squad, the game follows their exploits throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars. The game held a unique gameplay structure in that everything was based around the player leading their squad. From ordering them to open the door, to covering the player from above with a sniper, it was a unique experience that wasn't found very often.

The game never went on to get a sequel, but it has always held a strong place in the hearts of fans. The return of Delta Squad has been a dream scenario for many.

Well, now, it seems that players might be getting one step closer.


Lucasfilm Games officially announced the release of the classic Star War clone commando squad shooter, Star Wars: Republic Commando , on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The new launch trailer can be watched below:


It's important to note that this release doesn't do anything to enhance or improve the game or its gameplay for modern-day consoles. It simply ports the original over to them, allowing for more people to enjoy the same experience that released over 15 years ago.

Knowing that, it will still be a fantastic experience for those that haven't enjoyed the story of Delta Squad–and even for those that want to re-live it again yet again. Following the recent rebranding of Lucasfilm Games , the re-release of Star Wars: Republic Commando is another in their trend of showcasing its library of classics.

As mentioned above, a sequel was never made, but there was one in the works. Sadly, it was canceled and didn't see the light of day in any form. While It would be wrong to spoil it for those that have yet to play, to say that it ends on a cliffhanger would be an understatement. Now, it is a cliffhanger that fans are still hoping to still see resolved almost two decades later.

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