Watch: Spider-Man: No Way Home's Immersive New Trailer Puts You In the Middle of the Action

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Spider-Man No Way Home on Theater Screen

No matter what has happened over the last year, Spider-Man has kept himself in the conversation for better or for worse. Whether it was trailers dropping or actors from the hero's past posting cryptic Instagram postsSpider-Man: No Way Home has been top of fans' minds for nearly an entire calendar year. Now, with tickets out in the wild and only a matter until No Way Home swings into theaters, the real fun begins. 

Besides breaking boundaries in-universe, the Spidey threequel has also been breaking new ground in the real world. For some movie chains, the film is already the biggest pre-sale ticket success ever, and for others, it signifies a step into the world of emerging technologies like NFTs

And that is not all, as No Way Home is also emerging as a pioneer of new in-theater technology. 

Feast Your Eyes on No Way Home

Video emerged online of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer playing on the ScreenX format.

As reported by Deadline earlier this year, Sony struck a deal with ScreenX creators CJ 4DPlex to utilize the format for fifteen of their upcoming films, including No Way Home.

Spider-Man No Way Home XSreen Strange

ScreenX uses three large screens to create a full 270-degree viewing angle, meant to immerse viewers unlike ever before.

Spider-Man No Way Home ScreenX Electro

The full trailer can be watched below:


Showing of the X-Factor

For many who have yet to have a taste of the ScreenX technology, this little tease is going to look mighty impressive. Why see Tom Holland's hero break the barriers of the Multiverse on a normal movie screen, when one can literally be immersed in the world of the MCU with a format such as this. 

Sure, this is going to be a very bespoke experience for a very select few, but so is something like IMAX, for which people flock in droves to the latest blockbusters on those uber-large screens.

Spider-Man No Way Home Peter

Since the format also uses motion-synced seating and effects such as vibration and scents, the potential to fully experience a Spider-Man film could be realized here. Imagine the seats moving as Peter Parker swings across the New York or getting spritzes of water as the young hero kicks up some wake across the top of the Hudson River. It could be something unlike any movie-going experience ever before. 

Right now, there are only 355 of these ScreenX screens worldwide, so for many right now, this will not be the way they experience the film. But those that are lucky enough to see No Way Home this way hope it's everything it seems to be on paper.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17. 

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