New Spider-Man: No Way Home Concept Art Reveals Changes to Electro Battle

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are moving full-speed ahead with the theatrical run for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which became the biggest movie of 2021 by a wide margin. Bringing back classic villains like Jamie Foxx's Electro and Alfred Molina's Doc Ock to take on a game-changing trio of Spider-Men, the MCU threequel continues to bring cheers and applause from audiences worldwide.

Now that the film is nearly three weeks past its debut, the cast and crew behind Spider-Man: No Way Home are openly sharing stories and experiences regarding how this massive film came to fruition. From exploring the revamped suits for the film's Spider-Man trio to revealing which actors actually came to the film's set, fans are getting an inside look at the MCU's biggest hit entry of Phase 4.

In the film itself, one of the big early action set pieces featured Tom Holland's Peter Parker in his first meeting with Electro and Thomas Hayden Church's Sandman, which led to a short but big battle to get them to the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Recently, one of this battle's developers shared details on how this scene changed from its early days to the movie's final cut.

Changes to Battle Between Electro and Spider-Man

Concept Designer Maciej Kuciara took to Twitter to share early concept art depicting the first battle between Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Jamie Foxx's Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The concept art shows blue lightning crashing down toward the black-suited Spider-Man as a wave of sand comes out of the ground from Thomas Hayden Church's Sandman to protect Spidey. It also appears that some of the sand is turning into glass due to the heat of the electricity, which is scientifically what would happen if something like this occurred in the real world.

Electro Battle

The final cut of Spider-Man: No Way Home showed Electro using yellow lightning as he took in the energy from his new surroundings and Sandman formed a massive wall around Spider-Man. The scene looks remarkably similar to the concept art except for Sandman's size and the color of Electro's lightning.

Electro Battle
Marvel, Sony


Concept Art Coming to Life in No Way Home

Electro Battle
Marvel, Sony

Looking at the history of concept art for major blockbusters like Spider-Man: No Way Home, it's always something of a shot in the dark regarding how closely the art resembles what actually makes it to the big screen. Interestingly, this comes as one that went in the opposite direction, which isn't the first time this happened for the MCU in 2021 after the Dweller in Darkness from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Although this battle wasn't necessarily the biggest moment in a movie with more big moments than almost any in MCU history, it still help its own as Tom Holland met two of No Way Home's Multiversal visitors. Regardless of scientific accuracy, Marvel and Sony made sure to make this moment explode with excitement as Electro and Sandman fully unleashed their powers in the electrical field outside New York.

As No Way Home moves further into its theatrical run and debuts to more countries across the world, Marvel and Sony will likely continue this trend of sharing this threequel's trade secrets. Whether other pieces of concept art come as close to the final cut as this did is a mystery, but regardless, this one comes as something fun for fans to enjoy and dissect as they look back on the first Electro battle.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters.

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