New Spider-Man: No Way Home Scene Spoils How Doctor Strange's Spell Goes Wrong

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Doctor Strange Spell

Spider-Man: No Way Home will see Tom Holland's wall-crawler explore the mystical side of the Marvel universe as he enlists the help of Doctor Strange to erase humanity's memory of his superhero. But as the spell goes wrong, Spider-Man villains will spill into the MCU from across the Multiverse including Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro. With the Multiverse descending into chaos, Doctor Strange will have plenty to deal with when he returns for Multiverse of Madness next year. 

Beyond just the spell, Doctor Strange seems to have a critical role in No Way Home as a mysterious magical box serves as a key component of the story, even leading the two Avengers to face off in an epic battle. Additionally, much like how Iron Man previously gave Peter some nifty suit upgrades in past films, Doctor Strange will do the same as Spider-Man dons a magically powered outfit.

With the failed spell serving as the catalyst of much of No Way Home's reality-bending plot, anticipation to see just how it plays out has been high among fans. As release moves ever closer, Sony has released a clip showcasing the magical chaos.

No Way Home Clip Shows Strange's Spell

A newly-released clip from Spider-Man: No Way Home shows Doctor Strange casting the spell to make the world forget Peter Parker's heroic identity and just how it goes horribly wrong.

Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Strange Spell
Marvel Studios

After beginning to cast the spell, Peter begins to request certain people, including MJ and Ned, remember his identity.

Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Strange Spell
Marvel Studios

However, Peter's meddling quickly has destructive consequences as the two heroes begin to levitate and the surrounding building is destroyed.

Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Strange Spell
Marvel Studios

The full clip, as shared by IGN, can be viewed below: 

What is the Result of Strange's Spell?

Based on the footage, it appears Peter Parker trying to throw so many conditions into Doctor Strange's memory-altering spell became too much for the Sorcerer to handle and led to some drastic consequences. It's already been revealed that the failed spell was the catalyst for the villains arriving in the MCU from across the Multiverse, but it remains unclear what it did in terms of making the world forget Peter's identity.

Chances are, the spell was successful in undoing Mysterio's game-changing reveal in Far From Home's post-credits scene and erasing Peter's identity from everyone's memories. But what's harder to determine is whether his friends, family, and fellow heroes will still remember. 

Doctor Strange's failure ought to make for an interesting character arc in No Way Home as it was his arrogance that led him to attempt to help Peter after Wong strongly warned him against it. With the reality-bending effects of the spell, it wouldn't be surprising if the consequences may spill into Multiverse of Madness and Strange's next adventure.

Whatever the fate of Peter Parker's secret identity may be, all will become clear in under a week as Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021.

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