Shogun Season 2: Will Anna Sawai Return? Mariko Actress Responds (Exclusive)

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Shogun star Anna Sawai offered her thoughts on whether she will return as Mariko in any form for the show’s upcoming Season 2 and 3.

Sadly, despite a renewal for two more seasons, the odds of Mariko joining the fun are low. That is because, at the end of the show’s ninth episode, she was killed in an explosion set off by Lord Ishido’s men.

Her fate has not kept fans from keeping their hopes alive for more of Sawai’s character.

[ Does Mariko Die In Shogun?

Does Anna Sawai Think She'll Return to Shogun?

Anna Sawai as Mariko in Shogun

While speaking with The Direct’s Russ Milheim at an FYC (For Your Consideration) event for the Apple TV+ series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Shogun star Anna Sawai reacted to FX's May 2024 announcement that the network is "moving forward to develop [Shogun] with two additional seasons of the drama series" while also addressing her possible return in Seasons 2 or 3.

When asked if fans could keep hope alive that they would see Mariko again in some form, the actress expressed her love for the series and creators but that she is "not expecting anything:"

"I don't know. I mean, I love the show. I love the creators. So it would be a dream if they ever called me back. But you know, like her story does end. I think it's perfect the way it is. So, I'm not expecting anything."

Shogun Seasons 2 and 3 Wil Have to Live On Without Mariko

Anna Sawai as Mariko on Shogun was easily one of the most standout performances of the show for many. So audiences will certainly feel her absence as the story continues to unfold.

However, even though Mariko may be dead, there are certainly other ways to include her in the story.

For one, there could easily be dream sequences or visions of sorts that Cosmo Jarvis' John Blackthorne could suffer.

Then, there is always the option of including flashbacks. This could be of Mariko with Hiroyuki Sanada Lord Toranaga before the events of Season 1 or unseen moments with Blackthorne off-screen.

Whatever route the writers take, they have more than proven that they can create masterful storytelling—so, perhaps, they know best.

Shogun Season 1 is now streaming on Hulu and FX.

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